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Thyroid & Xenical

Quick Q...

I have noticed a few ppl lately mentioning thyroid in posts as if there is a problem with taking Xenical if you have a thyroid problem - Is this correct?

I have an underactive thyroid which was dx when I was 17 (a bloody long time ago :rolleyes: ) and my Dr has never mentioned anything about it.


Off to reply to other posts now

LiSe Xxx
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Hi Lise

I'm technically hypER-T (Graves Disease) with a multinodular toxic goitre.

But, like you, I spotted a few posts that hinted that Xenical could be concern if you're hypO-T...which is a personal worry for me as I'm due to have Total Thyroidectomy within the next couple of months, which will obviously make me hypO-T for the rest of my life...and Xenical has been such a miracle for me, I really want to be able to keep taking it.

I can only suggest you mention it specifically to your doctor and see what they say.

Would be very interested to hear what your doctor may say about it?

I`m waiting for my Dr to phone me as she needs to speak to me to discuss my latest thyroid function test apparently :( I will try and ask her about it but it might have to keep until I physically see her next as I don`t think they spend long on the phone consultations.

Good Luck with your Thyroidectomy

LiSe Xx
Hi SacredSilence

Did you ever get anywhere discussing this with your doc?

I've now had my Thyroid surgery, so I have technically joined the HypOthyroid ranks, and I'm now taking Eltroxin/Levothyroxine (instead of my former meds, Carbimazole)...so I looked into this a little further.

I wrote a blog post on it if its any help to you.

I haven't started back on xenical since my operation, want to run my findings past my GP on Tuesday before I do. But as far as I can tell, it just makes the thyroid replacement meds slightly less effective, so I'm thinking that as long as your GP/Endo is aware that you're taking Xenical, and that they may have to increase your t-replacement dose, then it should be OK.

My blog article is here:
Levothyroxine & Xenical

Let me know how you're getting on :)

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