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Tilapia fish

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by janetelizabeth, 11 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Here's a puzzle I'd like to know the answer to.....
    I do green plan and always count my fish as a HeB. Today I checked on the website (don't know why because I've had it loads of time) for Tilapia which is just a plain white fish similar to cod or haddock.
    "Basic, Tilapia, cooked without fat, per 100g green 4½"
    How can it possibly be 4 1/2?
    Thanks for any thoughts on this subject.
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  3. WannabeThinna

    WannabeThinna Full Member

    That sounds about right to me, cod, for example, is 4 syns per 100g on the green plan, even though it's free on EE and Original. I've only ever stuck to the EE plan so I'm no expert on the green or red plans, but it's always seemed to me that starchy things that might be free on EE and green are very high syns on red, and "meaty" things are high syn on green.
  4. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Actually cod and a whole list of fish, oily & shellfish are all classed as HexB. That's what I don't understand...why it's not on the green list.
    The starchy foods are on the free list...
    Thanks anyway for your thoughts Wannabethinna.
  5. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Tilapia isn't as common as the other fish. I've just checked the list and you are right it's not there but that might just be because the list is commonly eaten fish like cod and mackerel. If the nutritional content is comparable to one that does appear then maybe it's an acceptable tweak.

    It appears as synned because it's not compulsory to use it as a hex b. You may have other hex b choices and choose to syn it so they have to give you the syn value.
  6. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    True Sam...but it appears on the EE and Red list...just can't understand why green can't have it on their list. Anyway, as another member suggested, maybe do an EE day so I don't have to syn it.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Oh just seen you're in Brighton...hello from Hastings!! :D
  7. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    It appears on the red and EE list as what? A HexB?

    hello Hastings! :)

    Edit: it's not a HEXB on EE?

    what "list" do you mean?

    maybe I'm being thick but I don't understand the query? Just because a food is free on red and EE it's not automatically a Hex on green is it? Or is it? The principle on green days is to limit protein so it needs to be synned. Yes it can be a hex if it falls onto the "acceptable" list but like I said above it might just be because its not a common variety that it's not there and so Hex-ing would count as a tweak. Much like me using rapeseed oil in place of EVOO as a HEXB because the omegas are the same.
    Last edited: 12 August 2014
  8. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    On those lists it classed as a Free Food...:confused:
    Yes I understand about limiting protein on green plan but I just feel that as a plain white (no frills) fish it could/should be alongside cod & haddock. I'm hoping that SW answer my email query...so I shall know their thoughts on it too.
  9. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Maybe it just doesn't have enough of "something" in it. Whatever "something" may be. Or maybe they just don't list all varieties. Turn it on its head and say you did a red day and needed to syn potato or use it as a hex B. They list sweet potato, new potato and baking potato but not all types like Maris piper or king Edward or salad potatoes yet we know them to be the same.

    I'd be interested to hear what you hear back. Its possible that you are worrying unduly about minutia :) Although I found more info that may answer the question. I posted it in my diary thread :)
    Last edited: 12 August 2014
  10. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    I'll post when and if I get an answer. But as I said on the other thread....after a google search it looks like it could be farmed. I don't like farmed fish!!
    Last edited: 13 August 2014
  11. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Just a post to end this subject...haven't heard from SW but did a google search and found out that Asian Tilapia is farmed and they feed them on pig manure! Gross eh? Especially as I don't eat meat! :eek:

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