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time for change...

hi guys, all new to this so be gentle :) anyways....so im overweight...currently at 17 stone and abit (not muscle--fat)and do have a bit of a beer belly.i want to shift around 3 stone but am struggling big time...have no motivation what-so-ever and finding myself having to buy the next size up when buying clothes..aswell as ''chaffing'' which is so annoying! and some poeple beginning to notice..hhmm not good..i suppose this is lazy but ive tryed the gym but seem to lose motivation..tryed eating less and going out for a jog a few times a week but again i seem to never been in the mood for it. and like many people it does get you 'down' :/ so people i need some advice, its a long road and tough one at that...how do keep motivation? and say 'no' to them fatty foods? i've tryed drinking more water as heard this helps you feel fuller...well thats a start...advice will be much apprieciated :)
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Hello Dodge,

The most import thing is to trust yourself, believe you can do it:)

As long as exercise goes I can give you some tips: when you feel that motivation is going away just think about the results (health and look) you can obtain if you do it, start with mini-goals such as using stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk a few times a week,...
About the fatty foods and saying no: well, you can say yes but just a few times (e.g. you can start by allowing yourself a small treat everyday; sometimes it can be a tiny cupcake or a serving of crisps). Also, whenever you feel hungry drink two cups of water then wait 10 minutes; if you still fell hungry eat something otherwise you were just thirsty. And one last thing: don't bring fatty foods at home - out of sight is the best ;)

Good luck!

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