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time of the month gain..how much??

Last week i managed to lose a 4 pound water retention gain..and lost 8 pounds but this week i think i have regained it all as i am due on at the weekend.....its VERY frustrating as my weight keeps going up and down by 5 pounds(still giving it 100%)...i am continuously losing and regaining the same weight

how do you lot cope with PMT time of the month gains??and how much do you gain as i think i've gained around 8 pounds
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I usually gain about 7lb when it's my time of my month. I just acknowledge that it's because I'm holding more water and not to be disheartened as by the following week if I stick to plan 100% I'm guaranteed a loss.

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I don't do SW but when I did try it I used to gain 7 lbs each time of the month. This happened no matter which eating plan (WW/SW- I don't like the word diet for either of them) I followed- I would always gain 7 lbs then lose exactly 7 lbs the week after. So I really only had two weeks in every month where I would lose weight. This probably isn't helpful but since going on the depo injection I don't have TOTM any more and therefore no 7 lb gain.

Good luck with weigh in- hopefully you'll be like me and lose it all (and more, hopefully :D) the week after.
I really suffer on my star week, :cry:
every month i can feel my work trousers getting really tight around my belly, but by the next week my trousers are slack again,
I feel for you and know what your going through, my gains can be from 1lb-7lb :eek:


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Mine used to be awful, like phonicshunny, I would always feel it in my clothes etc. And this was when i was on the pill! I have no idea what it will be like now since ive come off it!!
I'm prone to a 3.5lb gain on star week, until I found 'magic soup' just boil up some cabbage, celery and green beans with whatever herbs (but not salt) you want and eat it for the week before, I find a bowl a day helps.

since I started doing that I can gain about 0.5lb which is much better.

of course there's no denying those cravings and 'want to eat everything is sight' moments but it does help.

damn the hormones x

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