Time of the month


Does anyone else struggle when its totm , every piece of chocolate is screaming at me from the kitchen :sigh:
Ive been struggling to get back on track since christmas tbh ive been craving junk and nibbling at all the kids sweets... whats it gonna take to get me on track...its hard enough when its not totm:mad:
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yeahh, last week i ate a whole big (share size none the less) bar of cadburys. naughty i know!! i know how exactly how you feel hun. if yr craving choc - have some, fit it in around yr syns?
Or have some hot chocolate? that might satisfy it?
but i cant preach because im awful when its totm and dont have any will power!! stay strong and dont copy me, im an awful awful example!!! haha:) xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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I don't crave anything particularly but I find i am soooooooo hungry and will eat anything! My consultant always says it's a carb craving and not chocolate (hmmm.....) so always advises us to have green days and see if that works. I tend to have a lot of green days anyway so don't notice much difference but it's worth a shot!! As for craving junk, it's funny but I do find that when I've been eating junk (xmas, hols, blowout etc) I am also hungrier than ever before, I find it helps to write everything down - every little thing!!!! Makes me think about it. Keep with it! x


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chocolate...... closest thing has to be the vamilla and choc mullers!! might have to get some as it TOTM here as well

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A Dr I worked for (when I was a Nanny) told me that during that TOTM, your body craves carbs. If you stick to a Green Day when you know that its about to happen, you should resist the urge to gorge on chocolates...it works for me!!! I also eat 1 banana a day as I suffer with leg cramps and poor circulation and that works for me too.


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good god i feel your pain lmao chocolsate mini milks are a god send i insist you go out and get some now there like 1.5 syns and the carb thing is true i crave bread and chips and crisps my solution is quavers 4.5 syns slim world chips and instead of bread always get pasta and goes or mash rolled into croquettes done in fry light are pretty good.


thanks guys im supposed to be on green today still craving though just made myself a hot chocolate see if it takes the curb of....god i feel like a junkie lol

heres hoping tomorrows a better day x

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ooo i love minimilks, not so much the strawberry ones though,
I retain water so my wi is always a dread (tonight) I've been craving bread the last few days with AF, want a nice squishy sandwich but hate brown bread