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Time to look after myself diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Mamibare, 13 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    3rd time lucky for me restarting SW on minimins.
    I'm a full time working Mami to 2 year old twin boys and wife to grumpy Dadi Bear.
    i don't think I can keep using the excuse of "I have twins" as to why I'm overweight.
    I'm now sick of being overweight. Literally. Living on painkillers because my back and hips are so sore. I know that weightless begins in the kitchen.
    i know I'll always have my c-section pouch and stretch marks but I don't care about them, they're my stripes I wear with pride, but now my size 16 clothes are tight and I weighed in at 14 stone, that was the wake up I needed. I'm not expecting miracles but I'm going to try my hardest to feel and be the best Woman/Mami/Wife I can be.
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  3. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    Mondays planned food:
    B: poached egg x2, on hexb toast, clover & brown sauce (5syns)
    S: Apple, banana, clementine
    L: sweetcorn, cabbage, sprouts, quorn sausage, egg, new pots fried in fry lite with rosemary
    T: jack pot with beans and half hexa cheese

    half hexa for tea

    fingers crossed goes well.
  4. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    Added some free mint sauce and sprouts to my lunch, I love it, going back forr my 2nd bowl.
    I now have a craving for lamb....mmmmm
  5. Target_Rose

    Target_Rose Full Member

    Hi here to subscribe to your diary, lunch does sound lovely :) x
  6. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    Thanks Rosie :)
    It was nice, and I've now eaten a pile of cherries, sf jelly, ff yog & an orange.
    Hopefully that'll get me to tea! Eekk
  7. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    I have an eating problem.
    2 small butterfly cakes (10 s)

    Then jack pot and lamb steak for tea.

    15 syncs in total and tomorrow is another day. At least I only ate 2
  8. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    Quick post on lunch break

    B: Hexb toast with 2 poached eggs, clover & brown sauce (nom nom) washed down with lush diet coke.
    L: salad from indoor market. All free except a little feta on top, but as long as I don't eat meat for tea then it could count as a green day? Just a 2nd hexb somewhere.
    T: chicken thighs, rice and mixed veg. Jerk sauce to cook. 1tbsp = 1 syn

    hope I don't gorge like I did yesterday. EekEek
  9. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    Going good, resisted choc today.
    did a bit of motivational therapy and I feel good.
    fc I don't blow it before bed
  10. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    Green Day
    B: 2 poached eggs, 2 toast (hxb) clover (3) sauce (2)
    Snax: peach, 2 clementines, 2 bananas
    L: Jack pot, spag in tom sauce, cheese (hxa)
    T: Cheese (hxa) & Toast (hxb) clover (3)
    Snacks-Yogurt bar 8 syns
    16 syns in total eurgh
    BUT I drove PAST Mcdonalds, and kept driving! No Doubles cheeseburgers (drooollll) for me
    Definitely a big thing is planning ahead, I'd not planned any tea tonight so ended up with that.
    Just taken some mince out of the freezer to throw in slow cooker for tea tomorrow.
    Training all day tomorrow, theres a buffet in. Gulp
  11. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    B: hexa milk & hexb vitality cereal
    lots of fruit throughly the morning
    L: was on a training course that supplied a gorgeous buffet lunch, I succumbed and ate loads. But my belly has been bloated and dodgy ever since.
    T: free pasta bolognese

    Tomorrow's another day
  12. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    Weigh in day and down 5lbs! Love that first week weightloss.
    go me
  13. Mamibare

    Mamibare Member

    Mondays here
    B: hexb & hexa fruit & fibre with SS milk
    L: jack pot with clover (2), ham, broccoli, cauli & sprouts with mint sauce, and a ff yog
    T: homemade egg fried rice, chicken

    snax: peach, apple, banana, tangerine, Kellogg's crisps things (5), highlights hot choc (2)

    syns= 9

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