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Time to weigh


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I have been thinking over the last couple of days about weighing....

When do you all weigh?... that is if you don't go to a class as I can't where I live and... what scales do you have?

I have been looking at argos as I am going to the uk next week and thought omg which one:confused:

The ones I have make me laugh... as I can get on an be half a stone heavier but if I turn them round I have lost weight.. go figure....I do know to keep them in the same place etc but these are rather old anyway lol

So you input would be grateful...

so how often do you weight and what sort of scales do you have? Ta :D
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I weigh in first thing on a sat... rather determined by SW online as it nags me if I don't!

I got some inexpensive digital scales.. I'm sure they'd be wildly different to any at a class but I do the weigh in twice to check they say the same thing..lol! good enough for me..

I did go to boots to try their machine and see what that said but it was out of order...:mad:
I have some digital ones which are the high capacity ones from Argos they were about £20.00 they are very good, they never seem to match any other sets of scales but then again you should stick to one set anyway.
I weight at home in the evening normally


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I go to class every Monday and get weighed in the evening. I know that most of us have a weigh in "ritual". I never eat anything after weigh in, I try to wear the same clothes and I always go for a wee before getting weighed. My friend bought some digital scales from Argos and they always weigh her lighter than the class ones!


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I weigh first thing in the morning, naked, after a wee :D


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Hell yh I do this!! LOL

Splendid! I never jump on with clothes - it upsets me!


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Yup, me too. Saturday morning, eyes still half shut, after a pee, naked, on the same exact spot on the bathroom tiles, twice! lol
haha you are a funny bunch... no doubt that will be me doing the same soon!!!!... after hubby is up of course as don't want him seeing me going from our shower room to dressing room with no clothes oh ewww lol

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I did have some very expensive WW digital scales from Argos which were great to start off with but then went wrong! I now have some very cheap Tesco Value digital scales which show exactly the same weight as the ones at the SW class so I'm sticking with them. I used to weigh myself every morning but am trying to get out of the habit as it was too depressing if I had put on weight or hadn't lost any. Now I weigh myself just before going to class so it's not such a shock when I get there!:)
funnily enough I asked my daughter which she thought would be good to get and she said not digital as they break down... so maybe I will visit tesco or maybe Asda ... wonder if anyone has any scales from Asda?


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S: 17st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I also use digital - can't be doing with the flickering needle - think it might send me into a hysterical breakdown of some sort LOL

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