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I try and space them out throughout the day like a normal meal time. Tetra for breakfast around 8am, then a bar or soup for lunch between 12 and 2and my last I have as either a mam or soup when my OH I having his tea about 7'ish.

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yeah thats what i was thinking, i think ive i start too early then i'll be hungry before bed!

taking my niece and nephew to school for 9, so i'll be starting when i get back!

thanks x
I your first week it is likley you will be hungry- before ketosis kick in. Just remember hunger is not an emergancy. It will fade away even though it's uncomfortable for a little bit. You can and will get passed it- make sure you distract yourself with a long soak I the bath and an early night, or read a book, come on this forum- there's lots of ideas floating around on here!

Good luck and stay strong x

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i like my breakfast as soon as i get up then 2nd at 12 ish then last one i try leave as late as poss but usually end up with it about 7pm


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I have mine at 11am, 4pm and 7pm. Thou for the past few days I haven't had my first one till 2pm.
Good luck

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soon as I'm up, 4pm, then 7pm. I go a bit squiffy if I miss the times!

some people recommend waiting as long as poss until you have your first shake, butI have to have mine asap otherwise I get a wee bit dizzy


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Me too, Muhly - need one fairly early to feel like I'm 'up', or I'm fairly vapid.

Generally, if something goes pear shaped, and I can't have a shake on time, I am unpleasant to be around! Consistent patterns and routines are a key for me.


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That is so me, JeFeDe!!

I went to the mother in law's to help them move in to a new house the other day, straight from work. so I had a shake at 9am, then nothing until 9pm! I was sooo snappy at everyone!! will NOT be doing that again! will strive to be more organised in future!!


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I hear you, sister! I'm so unpleasant that Husband just hands me the shake on time and stands over me until I drink it. Bless his cottons : )


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I havd a bar and a cup of tea in bed before I get going (usually at 7am) and then I don't have a pack all day until I get home at 6. I have a Chicken and Mushroom at 6 with plenty of black pepper. Then at 9ish I have a chocolate.

I used to have an Oriental Chilli at noon, but I found it tasted a bit weird and I'd rather make the soup properly at home even if it meant waiting til 10pm to have it. I know one LLer who used to hate the packs so much they just had one massive chocolate shake using all 4 packs at 6pm to get it out of the way in one go!
I have my first one at 10 then 2 then my ss+ meal at 6 then my last shake I have a chocolate mint shake hot around 9 ish x

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SS+ meal 17.00-18.00
Did them earlier one day and was champing at the bit for my last shake never again this works for me.

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