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Tips and hints for running


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I was wondering if I could get some advice from some of you that run as a form of exercise. I am doing the race for life in June and have pledged that if i raise over £250 I will attempt to run it. I am very close to raising that now and really need to step up my training.
I have downloaded podrunner intervals which I have found brilliant but due to having a chest infection the past week, I have only really started it today.
Anybody got any other hints such as what is best to eat before or after running, the best time to run ect.?
I have a great pair or trainers and a sports bra so im sorted in those departments :)
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Banana's are supposed to be a good source for energy and potassium.
I would start off small and work your way up to longer runs....don't over do it or you'll pay for it for the rest of the week.

Always make sure you warm up and stretch before you run and make sure you cool down afterwards....ie, don't just stop running at your front door. Slow down your run into a fast walk and then slow it down again gradually till you get home. Drink plenty of water.
I am on week two of the beginners programme off the Bupa website.

The only thing I have attempted to eat before going out is a banana but then I'm still in very early stages so don't really need anything!

I only get the chance to go out of an evening, so I aim for between
5-6pm and then I can come home and have my tea!!

Good luck!!


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Try not to exercise for at least an hour after eating. Keep well hydrated. Personally I find the best time of day to run is straight after work, before dinner. Other people prefer to run first thing, before breakfast. It's up to you really.

I'm also doing the Race for Life, but mine is in about 10 days!!!! Eeek!
Good luck with yours!


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Hi, I'm also doing the Race for Life and I have printed off the six week programme from their website. They have one for walking it, one for walk/run and one for running the whole thing.

It's a great little programme, starting off with running 3 mins, walking 2 four times and gradually building up. It's good to have something to follow!!

I tend to make sure I haven't eaten for a good hour or so beforehand and I'm well hydrated, otherwise I get a real stitch!! Take some music or some company and try to enjoy it, it doesn't matter if you don't complete the whole programme, there's another day to come!!


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I'm running it too, in June. That's actually not that far away!! I'm following this plan:


I can run for about half an hour at the moment. I also find that straight after work, before dinner is best. I usually have a banana mid afternoon too. Sometimes I run before breakfast but find I can never go as long because my fuel tank is empty lol!

Good luck :)

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