Tips for newbies...


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I'm not an old hand at LL by any stretch of the imagination (only on day 11) but for anyone who is just starting:

- Drink all the water - if you drink 4ltrs or over I swear you can literally see your weight going down daily. I didnt drink at all this weekend (bad!) and I didnt lose any weight. After drinking tons yesterday =major weight loss! It is worth feeling like your insides are drowning.:tear_drop:

- For those who miss cheese - if you make the chicken soup into a thick paste and then microwave it into biscuits - and deliberately burn it a bit - they taste like mini cheddars!:p
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What do you put the chicken paste on? Little blobs on a plate? Gonna try them! After loving chicken soup and buying about 15 of them, I have now gone off them!!!!


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Thanks for the tips slimbride!! after reading your post, I picked up my bottle of water and glugged the lot down!!


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how do you make soup into paste? hence the 'cheddar thingies'