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Has anyone given up sugar? (or at least drastically cut down?)

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by pixie-gem, 28 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Hi guys,

    I wrote a food diary yesterday (i wasn't remotely, by anyone's imagination, on plan) because i wanted a record of what i ate on "bad" days.

    Now what i ate would have sent any "normal" person into a diabetic coma, i'm sure of it, but it didn't affect me at all (well a little heartburn, which in the grand scheme of things should have been a whole lot worse) and it made me think.

    Why didn't it make me sick as a dog? Have i really got that much of a tolerance built up to withstand that amount of sugar abuse?

    So my question is, has anyone given up sugar or at least drastically cut down?
    I don't mean natural sugars that you find in things like dairy and fruit etc, this is purely the white refined sugar you get in things like cake, biscuits, chocolate etc etc

    I have tried in the past to cut it out and i don't seem to last a day as i get wicked headaches (which is a sign i should quit in and of itself really) so i always end up giving in.

    I'm not the type of person who can have all this stuff in the house and stay away from it (major kudos to those that can, really, i admire that!!)

    So do you use your syns (or calories if doing another diet) for non sweet stuff? I don't use sweetener, so it would literally be a cold turkey thing.

    Any tips from anyone would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you :D xx
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  3. haileyhaiz

    haileyhaiz Full Member

    If I have sugar I syn it but I try and use sweetner where I can!

    When I first started I worked out syns for things I would normally eat in a day and I was totally shocked! Made me realise I needed to change for good!! I'm not going back there lol!
  4. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Thank you the reply :)
    I won't use sweetener, I don't think it's good for you, but then I won't eat mugshots either!
    Which is odd because clearly sugar is no better for you and I don't have a problem eating a mountain of that!
  5. Panni

    Panni Full Member

    i used to be a proper sugarmonster, when i tried atkins last year i stopped completely with carbs and had migraine for 2 days, but after that it passed and felt better, atkins didnt work for me tho since im crazy about starchy food so went back to being a carb/sugar monster, now 6-7 weeks in on sw i havent really noticed any issues, was expecting to deal with the headache again. if u drink alot of coke, it might be fairly painless to just switch to diet coke or pepsi, i managed better with that
  6. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Thank you for your reply.
    I don't drink coke, all my sugar comes from chocolate/cakes/biscuits etc.
    I seem to go mad once I have a little so I think the best thing is to try and cut it out and detox from it (21 days) and then slowly introduce it once a week or something. However I get such bad heads I end up keep giving in :(
  7. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Full Member

    I was very much addicted to sugar when I started sw. I am embarrassed when I think how much I ate and would and will never admit to anyone the true extent of the problem. For me it started after I had my baby five months ago partly because I am in the house much more whilst on mat leave and partly because I am constantly hungry with feeding her and choc and biscuits are easier to reach for. When I started sw I had an awful headache for two days and generally didn't feel the best but then it went and I feel 100% better now.

    i also can't keep things in the house as it wouldn't work for me. I have found if I fill myself with a good meal and keep myself occupied that I so far have managed to not even consider stuffing my face with sugar.
  8. busybee123

    busybee123 Full Member

    I have mostly given up sugar, I will have one or two marshmellows in the evening and that's it.
  9. slimminglizard

    slimminglizard Full Member

    Yes sugar has been drastically reduced. I allow myself a tablespoon of nutella a few times a week but I use my syns for savoury stuff mostly. I do believe that sugar is why I have such a santa belly and I need to cut it out.
  10. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Thanks so much guys!
    I've got rid of all the choc/cake/biscuits etc now so the only thing I have to use my syns on is food!
    It's weird but not sure what to use them on lol, I think maybe if I use them for extra hex's I'll at least be getting more nutrition than say a packet of crisps? (Hubby has monster munch in the cupboard, luckily I'm not a big fan) x
  11. mumpsimus

    mumpsimus Full Member

    Are you starting SW today?
    I was a sugarholic, big time! I cut it mostly out and it's fine. I won't have sweetener, so not getting the fake sugar hit. I do still have a spoonful in my coffees though.

    When I get that blood sugar low (usually at work because I can't snack!), I reach for some water and that sorts it out until I can have an apple or a banana.

    Good luck x
  12. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Restarting today :) (have restarted many times but always fell off the wagon whenever I used my syns on choc etc as I have no natural stopping point)
    Had the shakes the last hour or so, so had a mini meringue so at least not really any damage but I would've preferred to try and cut it right out. Maybe counting down as much as I can is a good way to go?

    Thank you :) x
  13. mumpsimus

    mumpsimus Full Member

    I'm the same as you! I have no 'off' button :)
  14. Rochelle1

    Rochelle1 Gold Member

    I have toyed with the idea, after all these reports that it's so bad for you but I would miss having my syns for chocolate! I really look forward to my chocolate and hifi bars and stuff. So I havnt done it. I logged my calories for a couple if days on a mobile app and realised my sugar intake was massive, but then when I looked into it most of it was from fruit and I didn't go over sugar limits with the refined sugar things. Panicked about it but then googled it and realised the sugar from fruit isn't harmful like the one from junk food so that was a relief!

    i think if you can cut it out, then totally do it, it can only be a good thing to lose
  15. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    This is me too! I find I cope fine if I just don't have chocolate/biscuits/cake in the house at all, but I am incapable of stopping at just one. I stopped buying Hi-Fi bars or Alpen Lights because I would just keep getting up and fetching another one till I'd finished off the packet.

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