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Tips for slimming world in Spain

Hi Mary, every time you need to know, just type it into Google, and it will convert it for you. There are 14lbs in 1 stone. (These are both imperial measurements). 6.35kg is the same weight as 1 stone. Hope this helps x
It's a tough one, as Mullerlights are free, yet contain sugar
Hi everyone. I'm back and forward all the time between England and Spain. ive also no idea on the products over in Spain that are slimming world friendly. I'm back over on the 19th Feb and hoping this time being there won't make me leave my slimming world head on the plane.
Same here GaGa girl. Mercadona is a saviour though.
Plain non fat yogurt = no Sugar. Lol. But no so good. I prefer fruits flavor. ;)
Mullerlight yoghurts are free in the UK and contain sugar, so sugar doesn't always mean they contain syns. If in doubt, might be worth trying to ask Slimming World themselves.
Hi Ladies! So chuffed to have found these posts! I live in Spain too, ZARAGOZA. I did SW a few years ago and now need to shift 2 stone again due to post-operation gain. Started 3 weeks ago and going well so far!
I've had a nightmare finding stuff here BUT have had some success at good old MERCADONA too! The yoghurt 0% (or desnatado/skimmed) is practically free and I've finally found a QUARK equivalent- QUESO FRESCO desnatado! I don't syn them because even though there is sugar, there is like 0.1% saturated fat and that is what SW works on! But you could always syn 1/2 if concerned. It's great for cakes and also to make soups/pasta bake etc, nice and creamy!
Also, I'm making my own chocolate cakes with cacao 0% materia grasa añadida (lower than colacao 0%) to satisfy my cravings (very nice) BUT when they don't work... I'm struggling to find anything lower than 6 syns to enjoy as a choc snack! As I live up North, our beloved English chocs aren't sold here. Kinder Bueno is the lowest I can find but that's still 6 syns a stick... hardly worth it. Anyone got any ideas? What I'd do for a curly wurly right now...
The wholemeal no crusts loaf in Mercadona is great too. The equivalent UK loaf is the Kingsmill Wholemeal No crusts, and 3 slices is a healthy extra
The wholemeal no crusts loaf in Mercadona is great too. The equivalent UK loaf is the Kingsmill Wholemeal No crusts, and 3 slices is a healthy extra
GREAT! Im a fan of crusts though, would any with crust count?! Thanks Tristar :)
If you have crusts on your wholemeal, you can have 2 slices in medium cut, or 1 thick as a healthy extra.
Great, thank you! Any ideas for eating out? It's so hard as you know their tapas is deep fried or full of oil and served with Bread! Any suggestions.... Thanks!
I found Kinder maxi style bars in Mercadona (homebrand) HACENDADO 1.59€ for 10! They are 3.5 syns I reckon, (worked out at 1 syn per 20 kcal.) Pretty small but a nice little choc fix!!
I'm not really a chocolate lover, but when we were over last month I did end up having a hot chocolate (1st one in about 5 years) with churros omg I was in heaven.

My weekness is crisps. Xx

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