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Tips on getting 3 yr old to take medicine..

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I still use bribary - for every spoonfull of medicine, you get 1 piece of choc to eat straight away (gets rid of the taste)

Could you mix with with jam & honey / then make a sandwich with it???

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Well ladies I tried bribery, with sweets, crisps you name it & no he won't take it. Yes its the banana one, mite have to try in milk...X
Banana milk idea doesn't sound too back actually. I've actually seen that in the store.
My mum always did it when we were ill :) Milkshake and a fish finger sarnie with loads of ketchup.

Wasnt until i was about 18 that i realised what was in the nana shake and she used to crush up any tablets and put them in the ketchup.

Ive also used it when being a nanny with other peoples children :)
big bear said:
My wee boy has a throat & ear infection & the dr has given me that yellow antibiotic. He took it for me yesterday but today I can't get him to have it.

Any tips? Would it be ok to put in some squash & let him drink it?
Thing is you need to make sure he takes it all, are you giving it to him with the syringe? He may do better with a spoon? Or vice versa?

Sit him on your knee so he faces your left hand, have a couple of books and tell him he can be a big boy and take the medicine then he can have a mummy cuddle and a story. You could perhaps pour the medicine into a small glass?
I fill the syringe you can get, then give it to my 3yo daughter and said have your medicine, you can do it as your a big girl......so she does it herself, but with antibiotics it is harder as they taste disgusting......

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Noooooooooo well that's me stumped, what child doesn't accept bribery:eek:

Hope today is better for you.
Bribery usually works with everything else...I gave it to him in milk last nite & this morning. So as long as he keeps taking it hopefully he'll get better X
Noooooooooo well that's me stumped, what child doesn't accept bribery:eek:

Hope today is better for you.
My youngest. In fact, shes never been able to take medicine without being sick. She gags if you go anywhere near her with it - to the point where its a waste of time even trying to get it down her because it will immediately bounce and what little hydration she has in her stomach comes back with the medicine.

Cant even get her to take calpol. Fortunately she has *touch wood* never been so ill that it has been an issue but theres going to come a time, I am sure, that simply stripping her off and keeping her cool wont be enough.
In such a rotten mother I told by son if he didn't take his medicine the dr would have to give him injections. it worked mind!!!
Thats not rotten that's funny! My mum was terrible when we kids, even though if she really knew we were ill she was great, but other than That we could be being sick at school, like throwing up everywhere and she would tell the school to keep up there because obviously if we needed to be sick then what ever made us sick had probably come up by now and we would be fine!
Try mixing it with a spoonful of yogurt. Only thing (as someone else said) with mixing it with food or drink is you do have to make sure they take every last drip of whatever it is mixed with so keep the amount small. Hope he is on the mend

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