Tips on making shakes/soup nicer?...if possible

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i make the chocolate one up for supper hot, but using peppermint tea not just water.... it's actually yummy



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my choc shake

up to sixteen ice cubes and I blend them so they are really like soft snow!!!

Tip in sachet and about 300-400ml very cold water

Blitz in the blender...


All I add really is ice cubes and nothing else, but it is yummy!!


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I add tablet sweetner! (sweetex no calorie sweetner) couldnt drink them without sweetner lol x
I can only manage the soup if I use 450 - 500 mls of water and have it really hot .. and blend it so no lumps .. heard some people use chilli powder or pepper , although you are not meant to ...
I like my shakes as they are .. choc has to have 325 mls of very cold water and strawberry has to have 350 ml of water .. i dont like them blended with ice , or warm or with peppermint tea .. tryed it all ... its all down to trying it in different ways and finding what you like.
I am just having 3 chocolate shakes a day at the moment !!!


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My phamacist said i could put salt and pepper in my soup to make it taste better... not sure about anything else x

xx Cathy xx

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You can make crisps with the soup (but make sure you drink extra water to compensate!!!)

Put paprika/black pepper/chilli powder into soup mix and add little water and mix into thickish paste (rough consistency of thick custard). Spread small thin amounts onto baking paper and microwave for about a min, peel off and put in bowl/plate etc. It actually makes a biggish portion of "crisps" and tastes really nice but don't forget extra water to drink.


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I make chicken soup with less water (use sparkling as it disolves the powder better). Glue consistency and drop mixture onto a plate microwave for about 1 to 2 minutes (keep testing it). It comes out like naan bread.

Mix the chocolate with sparkling water to make the mousse much better.


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lol emmievic :-D ... i take it you dont like them then ? , im alright with the first 2 of the day but my last milkshake is always hard to stomach and abit of a struggle so i have started to add ice to the last one of the day... it goes down alot better!


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I just add a little extra water to the shakes to make them a bit 'thinner', as I find they can be really thick and sickly at times, tried the chocolate mousse once and was nearly sick!


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what i do is, 7 ice cubes , 250mls water tablet sweetner and shake, put in a blender for 2 mins. perrrfect. cant have them any other way must be cold.x