Tips to stop myself binging (or is that bingeing)


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Well whatever the spelling is I really need some help.

I have just had a half an hour (thats all it took) major binge. i must have scoffed at least 6 chocolate bars left over from selection boxes etc - not even the treat sized ones.

I feel completly disgusting, especially after my 6lb christmas gain at weigh in yesterday.

Why can't I just stop myself...why can't I just stop at 1 bar??

Does anyone else have any tips. What do you do when you feel the urge to reach for the bad stuff? I seriously need help or else the weight will slowly creep back on.

At the moment, I'm telling myself its just because its Christmas and I'm off work, but that really is no excuse!

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Firstly stop feeling guilty, it will only make things worse!!! (I do it myself) Loads of people struggle and gain over Christmas.

Why not try to make sure you have plenty of superfree treats so that when you feel like picking you can have a bit of a guilt free binge. Or find something that you can keep yourself busy with.

No more excuses, just pick yourself up and carry on :)


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Hiya x I know exactly where ur coming from and still do this from time to time however it's with crisp. You need to ask urself why you are doing it and try to limit it and then stop it. I don't have loads of advice because I still do it and it can be for a number of reasons ;-

Lonely ( even when with people)
Watching tv
Because I can etc etc

My main one is having and knowing I have that comfort x a friend once told me its suppressing something that u don't want to deal with. This year I am stopping eating after my main meal to see if I can wipe it out altogether x writing it down may help I noticed I always did it at night and never when OH was around! Remember ur not on ur own x x

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Make sure you're not over tired - difficult I know with all the festivities - it really can make a difference to how you cope. I had a good eight hours sleep last night and it made all the difference to my sticking to plan today. Or maybe I was just tired of all the sugar and spice and things that were nice...... :)


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I never do it when my kids or OH are around. Its mainly when I'm lonely, or bored. I suppose I know the triggers, I just don't know how to stop myself!