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What tips would you give people starting out? Or people who have been doing it a while and are struggling? Or even people who are doing well, but feel like and extra boost??

Here are mine:

Read the books!
I think that the advice in there is fantastic. Also anyone who hasn't don't WW before will find it so much easier if they read through it all. If people are lacking in motivation, I find the success stories really give me a kick up the bum as well!

Do the quizzes in the book
Especially the habit audit. LL has CBT, unfortunately I can't think of another one that does. A lot of the time we don't eat the right food, or eat too much because of the way we look at food, or habits we have. I think the habit audit deals with the main reasons.

Drink lots of water
I think 2 litres a day is the recommended amount. Although I admit I do struggle with that. A lot of the time when we think we're hungry, it's actually thirst. Fruit teas are meant to be a good way of getting the recommended amount (although I'm not a fan) or sugar free squash.

I know some people plan their meals for the week. Although I talk to my parents about the meals I'd like in the week (I need to considering they cook - I'm so lucky living at home ;) ) I prefer to plan on a daily basis, at the very least have an idea of how many points I have for each meal. It makes it a lot easier, and stops me constantly worrying about it.

Don't deprive yourself
Have a treat every now and then. If I try to avoid something, or tell myself I'm 'not allowed' it, I want it all that much more, and tend to rebel.

Apparently this helps - I'm ignoring this tip though ;)

Don't stress
If you go over your points, don't beat yourself up. It's not the end of the world.

Post here
It's so supportive, and the advice is fantastic! I love it here! :D
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Love the tips Sparkle. I wholeheartedly agree with the exercise one ;)

I cant drink much plain water but am addicted to sugar free lemon barley so that helps.

Cant think of any other tips for now, but I think this is one thread Ill come back to :)


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Thanks Sandy... Think I'm going to have to look at stepping up my exercise this week! :eek: Will try to start at the weekend... Oh dear! lol

Another tip from me...

Change what you eat! If you have something too often you get bored, keep changing what you have for breakfast, lunch, tea, supper etc. It keeps it more interesting for you, and I'm sure if must help your body, keep it on it's toes. :p


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Not on WW - but think a diary thread helps ... and is great to look back on in not such good days.