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To all of you with totm

When i was SS'ing... i'd have to lock myself away when i came in from work---the devil..didnt even come close ..so yep....know how ya feel..oh and my appetite for choc majorly increased

nothing new there though
my temper is terrible, i cry i just want every 1 to leave me alone and my kids constantly asking questions just send me over the edge. lol ahhh dont u just love pms
Before starting CD I hadn't had regular periods for years but I do now and they are hell. Two weeks out of every month my boobs swell up and I feel like crap and the day before starting my period I am ravenous.


please try again
we get all the fun dont we
Its so annoying you can feel ok doing ss for like 3 weeks then omg its tough!!!!!!, chicken is a really sensible choice well done :) shouldnt make any big difference to your wi, think you did really well chosing chicken :)


Now Maintaining :)
It's my TOTM now as well. I've felt so so tired and weak today but I have still managed to follow the diet 100%. Delayed my weigh in until tomorrow as I just didn't feel up to weighing myself when I got up this morning. :(

I feel a little bloated too. Will this affect my weigh in?

sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt... but it all evens out in the end... if you dont lose or even gain a pound...really dont let it bother you... some months i'd lose alot TOTM..others hardly anything at all... very crap :D but you gotta plod on

My totm started today *blah* feel cruddy ... and want to eat for Essex pmsl esp choc
I'm the b*tch troll from hell at the best of times when TOTM - tenfold when SS :eek:



please try again
see on totm ive always been the same, a massive urge to have chocolate but by the time i had bought it i didnt want it, lol

my sister used to love coming to my flat just so she could go thru my footstool as she knew i put the chocolate in there

( nothings changed, she still goes thru my cupboards when she visits looking for my daughters treats )

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