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Hi im a smoker and ive found that since starting the cd ive been smoking more, im doing this cause it keeps me busy sometimes or gives me somethin to do. I have to smoke everytime i have a shake. Its annoying me because i dont smoke in the house and i only used to smoke about 3 or 4 at night with my otherhalf at night when my daughter was in bed but now im finding when my daughter is at school im having a couple during the day, ive gone from smoking 3 or 4 a day to about 10!!
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Oh yes, so glad someone else has said this.

20 cigs would last me all week (I work on the 21st floor of a building in Canary Wharf and can't be asked to go down stairs more often). And never smoked before midday. Now I have one before I leave the house in the morning, usually about 5.30am.

In some ways I'm just not bothered, god no alcohol, no food, at least I can smoke. But am worried that I'm just replacing one bad habit (my problems with food) with another, (smoking too much).

Still who cares as long as I'm losing weight - not me!:D



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Lol yeah thats what i thought, i did discuss it with my doctor abtou maybe going on the patch or something but to my surprise my doc said, just concentrate on one thing at once. I suppose either way if i smnoke 2 kuch i risk lung cancer if i dont loose weight i risk heart disese!! But at the minute my weight is more of a concern for me. :) i feel abit better knowin im nto alone lol


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Yeah i never used to smoke much but i'm smoking about 15 a day now! I tried to cut down last week but just thought whats the point, like Sara said above no food, alcohol..gotta have something.
I tried to get one of those fake inhaler things but they wouldn't let me have one unless i was completely giving up. I just wanted one so i wouldn't smoke so much at home.
I have also found that sometimes the cigarettes taste really weird, not like normal at all, a bit like sweet/sugary. Or am i going mad!x


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No me either, but i agree with the one thing at a time though. I'm not gonna worry about it too much until i feel i have my weight under control and can concentrate on giving up.x
Airgirl - its official, your going mad (lol).

Hell, I don't want to give up, I love a fag. (tee hee).

have some news 4 u all the best time to give up is when your on cd as your metobolisim is at its lowest ...... the reson you put on weight when you stop is one you eat more to your metobolisim slows down .......... on cd you cant eat more than your meant to and your metobolisim cant go any slower ( info from my cd and nurse ) ..... i have no choise but to give up becuase of blah blah lol ....... ill let you no how i get on xx
Sorry nightnight, your post confused me a bit..are you saying once you stop cd and start eating again your metabolism slows down more?
I know smoking slows the metabolism, or doesn't help it at least but i thought eating regularly actually speeds up metabolism.x
Hello All,

I noticed this as well, that I was smoking when i felt bored or at a loose end which seemed to be more and more. However, the more I got used to the diet, it stabilised and now I am smoking about the same as pre-diet even though it had spirraled.

My doc did also say to work at one thing at a time but I was thinking maybe now would be the best time as I'm focused on diet regime and the temptation not to eat as a substitute would not be as great. Will have to find something else to do with my time though!
airgirl not to worry i confuse my self lol ........ok ( apparently) the reason why smokers put on weight when they quit is becuase they eat more and there metobolisim slows down a bit ( when you smoke it speeds it up abit ) so if you give up smoking while your doing cd ( 1 you wont eat more as your in ketosis ) ( 2 your metobolisim is already very low so it cant slow down any more ) so you shouldent put on weight becuase your eating more cuz u wont be as ketosis removes your hunger ( and you wont put on weight becuase your metobalisim has slowed down becuase in ketosis its already low ( soooooooooo to sum up the best time to give up ( to avoid extra weight gain) is when your in ketosis ..... or so my cd and practice nurse have told me ....... im sure ive confused you guys loads more now lol articulation is not my thing
lol..it's ok i understand now what your saying and thanks for the info, makes sense i guess...god i feel another addiction battle coming on.x
Ohhh i'm already an alco just put it on pause, can't give up my wine forever.
Nightmare, lol i was starting to understand you til the 6th line down thing.x
S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
ahh makes sense ( i think)

i been smoking a hell of alot more since being on this diet too! at the moment i prefer to smoke more than to eat!

when i get to goal i will battle my smoking habit and give up once and for all! :)

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