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To caffeine or not?!



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I gave up for 2 weeks just for the principle. It's not necessary and can make it more difficult for some!


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I also love my caffeine, if I stall I shall try not having it though
I couldn't give up my coffee altogether, but I have cut back. I do half and half filter coffee in the morning, then maybe a decaf or two in the afternoon and evening.


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I had been having two cups of tea, two cups of coffee and about 3-4 diet cokes every day. Gave up for two weeks, like Katie, then reintroduced a cup of tea in the morning (builders, nice and strong :)) and then a soya latte.

I feel LOADS better for it, especially because I'm drinking so much more water - and if I have any more caffeine than that I get palpitations!
Yay! Thanks guys! I know I can give up the carbs but caffeine on top would definitely be tok much!
Dr. Atkins himself suggested severely limiting caffeine. For many reasons, one of them being that it can stimulate appetite and cravings and has no healthy function in the body - rather the opposite.

The most recent version of the book permits caffeine in moderation (yes, that word again!) so long as it does not cause sleep problems, jitters or other unwanted side-effects. I have to limit caffeine due to chronic sleep problems but if it does not affect you badly in any way, go for it.


Clean green leafy machine
I have to limit my caffeine because otherwise I'd be sorely tempted by all the lovely pastries in my local coffee shop :D
Once on a trip to Manchester I was persuaded to go to Starbucks. There I sampled Caramel Macchiato. There are no words to describe how good it tasted. But oh my, the calories and carbs!

I have actually been debating this myself and decided that it is near impossible for me to not have any caffein at all. I also find that it helps me as it fills the gap when im tired and craving sugary junk whilst also stopping hunger pangs. Glad to hear that it is ok to have a little...dont think it has slowed my weight loss so far :)
Haha! I remember when I used to work at Starbucks and oh my days if I tried to do LC back then I would never have made it! We always had new yummy pastries and cakes every season!! Not to mention those Christmas drinks!!
haha i loooove starbucks...not sure i could control myself if i could get them for free all day...would be a nightmare! Is soy milk better than regular on the atkins???
soya milk is less carbs, takes a bit of getting used to, but i find now that i prefer it.
it tends to 'curdle' slightly but i have found the lidl one is the best for staying more stable.

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