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To fat for the pill?

Principessa N

Minimins Addict
I have just been to have a contraceptive implant removed from my arm (ow it hurts) i wanted to go back on the pill but was told i was to heavy for it, i no weight can effect meds but i was on the pill before and i'm no heavier, if anything i'm a little less, has anyone one else had this problem?
As much as i'd love a baby now i think it may turn steve grey.
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I wasn't refused the pill but was given 2 of the same to take a day instead of 1 a day and she said it was because of my weight.

I am still on the same pill and have never been told this since and am only on 1 a day and am heavier now than I was then :confused::confused::confused:

Maybe get a second opinion??

Hope you get it sorted

Gen xx


Gold Member
Like Gen, I would suggest you get a second opinion. Have you got a family planning clinic (are they still called that?) in your area if you would rather not see another GP in your practice?

I think NICE guidelines say that women over 30 who are overweight should not have the pill, not because of its effectiveness but because of the risk of other side effects like blood clots. I had some problems with the implant and was told I should have the mirena IUD but I really didn't want it so I had another implant in the end.

Why do you not want the implant again? Have you considered the three-monthly depo injections instead?

Principessa N

Minimins Addict
I actually had it removed at the family planning clinic, i have a Dr appointment next week so i'll mention it to him.
To be honest i had the implant removed because i had not had a proper period since october last year and i like to no when its coming, think i might just stay without anything for a while been on some sort of contraception since 12 (to control periods rather then contraception) so i imagine i could do with a break from it.


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I had my yearly pill check the other day and was warned if my BMI went above 30 then i wouldnt be allowed to take the pill anymore due to highly increased risk of blood clots in overweight women so i have another reason to really stivk my diet i dont want to have to come off the pill

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