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to group or not to group!


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ok girls (& guys) ive been doing slimming world for a few months now but have been slipping the past couple of weeks and even put on 1LB this week. ive been doing it at home with a pack i bought from ebay and the help of this website now im considering if i should really just go to a meeting. ive always been against going to a meeting as i work shifts and wouldnt always be able to go every week and resent paying when i couldnt attend, is that the case for slimming world? also im so self conscious i feel sick at the thought of going there and walking in to a room full of people as im convinced no one will be as big as me (i have about 8 stone to loose) also i know this is silly but ive looked online and the best group for me work wise and the C is a guy! does anyone else have a guy as thier consultant?
what should i expect at the meetings? x
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I joined Slimming World last week and on the registration form it asked if you worked shifts, so I assume they have some kind of system for shift workers!

Also, I would say I am probably the biggest or one of the biggest in my group and no one paid me any attention whatsoever. There was a mixture of people who only had a little bit of weight to lose and people like us who had more - don't worry about it! You are all there for the same reason, and you'll find that a lot of the smaller people have already lost a few stone anyway, so there's nothing to say that although the people might be smaller than you now, that they weren't the same or bigger than you to start off with!!

I think you should join, it really does help having to feel accountable for what you've eaten all week! Then again, you've done really well on your own so I guess it is just personal preference! Do whichever you think you will have the most success with :)


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Hey Ladies, the form does ask if you do shift work because if you do, as long as you let your consultant know your working each class day, you DON'T pay.

As for having a male consultant, my 1st ever was male and he was fantastic! Just to put your mind at rest, the groups usually have a weigh-in lady and a lady that takes the money.

I had 8 stone to lose too, I started at home, but found I needed a group for the support and also for more ideas. I have never looked back. In just 14 weeks I've lost 2 st 9.5lbs!! I look forwards to class and have made some great new friends.

I really would recomend you join :)


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Hi Ally

I tried doing SW on my own from home and wasn't strict enough with myself and felt that I needed that motivational weekly WI. So did go along and lost 19lb in 11 weeks, not as good as some people, but good all the same for me. Then went on hols and as soon as I got back went straight to WI to get it over with, otherwise I would have carried on eating. Lost 3.5lb the week after, so its that weekly WI that really helps. If you feel you can't afford to go each week, pair up with someone else and weigh each other the same day each week and carry on following the plan. That will help too.

Its a good plan to stick to and after my hols, EE was my lifesaver. Do go for it again. xx


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Hi Ally, I do sw at home, but go for weigh-ins with my nurse at the Dr's so I have some accountability.


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Thanks for all the advice guys, I think I've come to a point where I do need the more structure of a group weigh in and meeting etc! I think I'm just so worried about going and walking in and everyone being there and all chatting and me feeling like a spare part! I hope they are all half as friendly as you guys and I know I'll be just fine! 
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I think it's worth going even if it's just to weigh in - I go to a pop in group, so just weighing in, no meeting, and even that keeps me on my toes, as I know it's coming up each week. I think I'd really cheat without it hanging over me (in a good way!). Xx
I went along to group every week till I took target & then stopped going as much. Did still go at the begining but then wanted to learn how to cope myself without the structure of class.

Anyway - I honestly don't think if I hadn't have gone every week I would have been as sucessful, so my advice would be to go along x


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There's a lady at our class who pops in and out. She either does our group or another group depending on her shift pattern. I personally wouldn't be able to do it without my group. My consultant has lost 10 stone and there are a couple of ladies who have lost 5 and a half stone, seeing them each week makes me feel I can do this and to hang in there plus it's all the little tips you pick up from the other members.

I have been very lucky and met a lovely lady who joined the same day as me and has been a great support. But if I hadn't it wouldn't have mattered as everyone is very friendly. I vote go for it !


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Go for it - you'll meet like minded people who will be so supportive and you'll wonder how you ever got on without the comraderie.
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i work shifts 2 so popping in just to weigh just befoer i go to work is good an as said if you tell your C you don't pay for when you cant get there. Like you i have a LOT to lose but no one ever treats me any differently! besides i just think of what an amazing transformation will be seen when the weight of a small hippo comes off me jiggly wibbly bits :D!! when i did SW years ago we had a male C loved him to bits!!! last i heard he was an area manager type person (but that was a while ago)!! good luck what ever you decide an you'll always have every one here cheering you on xx
Go for it, without a doubt and what's wrong having a male consultant? When I joined I was nervous being the only man there and walked into a room full of women, That was scary and took some courage believe me. I soon found out though that we are all there for the same thing and that is to lose weight. So whatever gender, colour, size, nationality or religion you are, it makes no difference as the goal is the same and every helps each other get there.

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Go for it!!!! Everyone else has pretty much said everything you need to hear :)


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Our C is a bloke, and has been doing it for over 17 years, and his classes are very popular, even if the male membership is still only about 10% (or less) of the total.

Don't let it put you off - get in there! :D

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