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To Kill A Mockingbird


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I've not read this book for over 15 years - when I studied it and the film at school - loved it then and reading your comment - I feel like reading it again - so I will!

Thanks for getting me to think about what a great book it is!

Perhaps as an adult - I will find the book even more enchanting!
I think it's fab too. I didn't have to read it at school but all my friend in other schools did so I decided to read it too (I've always been a book worm). I read it again as an adult about 8 years ago so it is due another go I think. Thanks for reminding me about it. x


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To Kill A Mockingbird is my favourite book of all time, and i love the film too. Is anyone else a fan?
Love it, love it love it :D

First discovered it in an English Lit leson at school a loooong time ago :)


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...and now I will also need to go and get a copy and read it again!!

Thank you :)


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LOVE IT.. ive read my copy bare.. the covers are fallen off.. lol.. i guess i should buy a new one.. really really love it..
x x x
Love it :) First read it at school, have been through about 4 copies and am in need of another new copy. Think I'll pop into town on Monday :)
I know I'm going to sound really sad but did anyone else feel a bit proud to get the reference to To Kill a Mockingbird when the The Boo Radley's Wake Up Boo was on the radio all the time?

I was the same when The Divine Comedy's song Something for the Weekend references Cold Comfort Farm one of my other all time favourite books.

Yeah, told you I was sad. :)
LOVE THIS BOOK!!! And the film! 'The unmitigated gall...!!!' woooo -class. :D

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