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To refeed or not to Refeed?


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Morning everyone,

I know its a few weeks away but... my birthday is the 22nd March, and so im doing this diet up til then...

A meal is booked for me and my everyone to go to on the 23rd march,

and i REALLLLYYYY want to loose as much as possible before then,

so much so im thinking of not refeeding and just going to the meal eating what i want and refeeding the day after and all that week...

is this a bad idea? and will i instantly put 2 stone back on?

or should i refeed from say 3 days before and hope for the best by being reallly sensible??

i wouldnt ask only i want to get as close as possible to 14st for my 21st..

any suggestions on how i can get round this? :sigh:

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If i was in your position i would start the refeed on your birthday and get as much weight off as poss!! - try to avoid carbs and just enjoy yourself :D
I am in total agreement with Summer, just watch what you eat at your meal (lots of protein). It is so so hard trying to get back into this diet. I have struggled for the last few weeks trying to get back on track.
yeah if you feel you will struggle to get abck on it do as summer said


My husband = My hero
Thanks guys!

not sure if im going to get back on it after the birthday as may loose my last stone and a half on SW??

too many descisions haha

last thing iw ant is to be full off my started though!! cos my stomachs the size of an egg cup haha xx
hey lauren my birthday is 27th feb n im avin a meal the friday nite wiv family n goin on a nite out satday, my chemist told me 2 stay on the shakes n just have a meal friday nite n a meal satday nite b4 i go out. n i shud still loose weight ( dependin how much alcohol i have ) n then i'll b gettin staight bk 2 the 3 shakes a day sunday tho cos ive got agesss 2 go x


My husband = My hero
Thanks love, i think thats what i will do!!

im really scared to eat! x


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My husband = My hero
lol tell me about it!

im scared that as soon as i eat i will put it all back on/1 xx
well i ate admitedly it wasnt a full meal but i still managed to lose 2 lb and get back on the diet - you do get a bad tummy ache tho xx

be careful you don't make yourself ill by eating too much when your body has not been re-adjusted. I did refeed at Xmas for a similar reason and was on day 4 of the refeed when I went for a meal. I recall seeing a post from someone who ate a meal without doing the refeed and they said they felt so ill it was horrible. Bear in mind that you have had no food at all for quite some time and your stomach needs to adjust, its unlikely you would be able to eat a full meal anyway.

Take Care



My husband = My hero
Thankyou ladies, youve been a great help, guna give it 2 days before slowy eating to get used to it.

its my 21st after all and iw ant to enjoy it not feel like im guna pukehaha

good thinking


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i thought so ha, i wana be puking from 2 much booze rather than a full tummy ha

its tradition isnt it?!?! x



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Personally I would refeed for a week to prevent to much glycogen and water rebuilding itself.. and i think you still lose weight on the refeed programme
oooh nooo im all confused na. i had the plan of just eatin the friday nite ( 21st bday meal ) n satday nite b4 a big nite out? shud i have a meal at nite a few days b4 me bday insted of just the friday n satday?? help!!!???


I will be skinny again!!!
Its completley up to you what you want to do stef... As ill i know is what i would do :)
hmmm maybe il do it from wensday or thursday then, im jus paranoid bout puttin loadsa weight bk on!!

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