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To start or not to start - again?

I've been on again, off again, on again, off again (and so on!) for nearly 3 months. I'm embarrassed to see my counsellor cos I feel like such a failure so I cancelled last few appointments! I really do want to lose this weight but feel so down hearted about it, I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever be slim again?! :sigh: Any words of encouragement or advice would be much appreciated.
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Hi LittleChicken,

I have a good friend who is a pyschiatrist and the first thing he tells a new patient is that, "There is nothing that thay can tell him that he has not heard before, or that will shock him." Your CD Counsellor (if they have been at this for any time at all) has encountered numerous people who struggled to get started, keep on track, be motivated, etc. Please contact him/her and ask for help and support. It is in his/her best interest that you do well.

You are about 1/2 way to being no longer obese with the losses you have posted. Why not set yourself some mid-term goals? Maybe set up a ticker for your long-term, then another for a shorter duration. You could set up a list of check off off steps? Join a CD team? What is that old saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Something like that, anyway.

Thanks for the advice minnie mel. Not sure whether to talk to my CDC because I don't find her particularly supportive, but I'm going to be ringing another counsellor tomorrow who's nearby to see if she covers my area so fingers crossed! I have thought about setting up a ticker and a check list but to be honest haven't got a clue where to start! I'll ask around and see if anyone can tell me how to do it. I'm starting back on SS tomorrow and really want to stick to it this time, just wish xmas wasn't coming up! Ha ha!
Oh well here goes..... x
Hi LC,

The Ticker can be added by following the instructions on the link pasted below.
There are loads of "helps" under Tutorials on the bar at the top of the homepage. Pierce (one on the many helpful moderators) posted it.


Yes, try another CD Counsellor. It is like therapy... you need to be able to work your therapist. Start with the SS and try to make it through Christmas day... and then if you need to "participate" stick to small portions of Low GI mostly protein foods, and then get right back into SSing. Avoid alcohol, sugar and carbs -- the booze can be very dangerous when you have been SSing, and the others will throw you out of ketosis and then you'll have physical cravings again.

It is because the holidays (and gluttony time) were approaching that I decided I'd better get on the CD train, or I'd just blow up. I'd already gained back almost 2 stone of what I had lost last year... and so now I am trying to get back to goal by Valentine's Day (the heart ticker tracks this challenge). I have lost 1/2 a stone already... slow and steady like the tortoise this time, I think. :)

Good Luck. MM
Sometimes I think when you haven't got a lot of weight to lose slow and steady is better because then you're less likely to put it back on. I'm sure you'll get back to target having seen what you lost before.
I'll try that, although my current CDC encourages people to come off the diet at christmas because life's too short, which to some point I agree with but having come off the diet a few times and knowing both how much weight you can gain by stopping suddenly (even if a lot of it is fluid) and how hard it is to get in the back to the mind frame to get back on again, I think I'd rather try and stick on it. Anyway I'd better get back to drinking my water (one of the things I find hardest with this diet! May as well live in the bathroom! lol).
Thanks again for your advice and good luck! :)
Hi LC,

I know what you mean about the water issues... I work at school, so every chance I get I hit the loo, because I can't just go when I feel the need. And, when I did LL the counsellor stressed drinking steadily all day long. Three litres is lot to have to get rid of when you are tied up.
How is your day going so far? I am feeling very cold -- worse than usual, but a lot of people say this is a side effect of the diet. I keep telling myself that I have to burn more calories to stay warm.
I want to take it off more slowly for just that reason -- last time I did loads of exercise to help me lose it, but once I slacked off with the unrealistic exercise load... I started to slowly regain. I have to make lifestyle changes -- ones that I can keep for life.

Bell rang -- loo then lessons!

Evening MM. Ah yes the cold thing, I know exactly what you mean! I'm fine when I'm eating normally, but as soon I get into CD I feel like I'm living in an igloo!
Today just didn't go at all. I felt really positive and focused this morning and up until 6 was fine, then my other half came home with loads of lovely food for us to have as our last night off the diet (he thought I was starting tomorrow) and he got upset when I protested so had tea and a glass of wine with him. Annoyed me cos my head was completely in the right place and I genuinely wasn't bothered about eating for once! But definately starting back tomorrow so ask me again then! I'm looking for a group to join as well, and would like to take up a challenge along with others so I'll have a proper look round when I get chance.
Keep up the good work chuck, hopefully I'll be joining you tomorrow!


Why Be Normal?
Oh well, it was thoughtful of your OH to provide you with a last meal -- and, as long as, he is supportive from here on out -- I guess he can be forgiven. ;)

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I've been on again, off again, on again, off again (and so on!) for nearly 3 months. I'm embarrassed to see my counsellor cos I feel like such a failure so I cancelled last few appointments! I really do want to lose this weight but feel so down hearted about it,

this could have been written by me! but I keep on going, sooner or later (and I hope its sooner) it will click again and I'll be able to stay 100% I will not give up and become fat again!
First timer

Hey good day :)

i am also a restarter of CD. I was on it for 3 weeks and lost a total of 11 kilos ( 24.2 pounds) i am crazy to get back on but for the last 2 months have been doing the same start/stop... start/stop... start/stop I can't seem to get back on track, so please let me know how your doing lately and any advice from anyone would be much appreciated.
I am new to this forum but from what i read i see that everyone is willing to be the other person's shoulder, and God knows right now I need a huge one. :cry: ( oh BTW gain everything i lost)
Hi Charisben,

I am of the opinion that the fact that you have successfully lost weight at least once -- shows that you can do it. I also know from experience that you have to be in the right state of mind in order to make the kind of commitment that doing a VLCD requires. This is a very hard time of year to take on such a difficult commitment. But, you can start making smaller changes that will lead to getting in the right frame of mind to take on the big VLCD one.

My suggestion is that you work on cutting your carbohydrates, not drinking any alcohol (if you do), lowering your fat intake, starting to exercise (try doing 5,000 steps a day -- wear a pedometer, something simple and sustainable) and do start upping your water consumption (drinking at least 3 litres a day -- by constantly sipping all day). This is sort of like "training" to commit to a VLCD.

Then, if you do not start losing weight by making these changes, you will at the least (hopefully) not keep gaining. Then, after Christmas -- you start your VLCD! Christmas is on a Friday, so make that Monday (the 28th) the first day of your journey to better health.

If you have a WiiFit+ sign on to do the after Christmas challenge (it'll be steps and hula hoops). Join a weight loss team (post your interest under the team links). Sign on for a weight loss challenge. etc.

Seek support -- it makes all difference.

Good Luck.


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