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To start or not to start!?


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Hey all

Do I start it or not? I have at least 3 stone to loose for a happier me, but I do love my food could I really say bye bye for months :wave_cry:..

I have 2 young children that require ALOT of energy is it really suitable will I still have energy?!

I need to do something drastic, as every other fad that I have tried really isnt working..

Any words of advise or wisedom much appreciated?
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Welcome :) My feeling is if you are having to ask if you should start or not then maybe it is not the right time.

This diet is amazing and the losses you can expect are fantastic. However you need to be totally committed and 100% focused because it isn't easy. You will have to cope with food deprivation and have the determination to not give.

The first week you may lack energy but once you are in ketosis you will be fine. If you can cope with strong cravings and feeling a bit crap for a few days then I say go for it xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I would say go for it if you feel determined to lose the weight. You must commit to this 100% and if you do you will ose your three stone in three months or a little less if you lose a lot every week.
Personally, I cannot recommend lipotrim highly enough. It is a fantastic programme. Not only do you lose weight quickly at a stone a month but it is mutritionally balanced so you are at no physical risk. More importantly, the complete break from food allows you to think about your eating patterns and what you eat, why you eat etc. The break from food then does away with all the old bad habits.
Don't yo yo with it. Start it and stick with it. Think in terms of week by week goals. The first week will be tough. My advice is keep water at hand at all times and keep sipping at it. It helps with headaches, hunger etc. Your energy may dip a little during the first week as your body adjusts but you will soon find that you feel a hundred per cent better than you did before you started.
Lots of luck whatever you decide.


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Yeah I think I do need to sit and think a little more about it before I take that plunge! But I must admit when I have been doing WW I usually stray because I just simply cannot think of anything healthy to eat. I suppose this diet would take that choice out of my hands!

Do you have a day off say once a month alcahol/food? and does this affect your results majorly?

You have both done so well - Well done :) x x


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oh another question to add to the mix! How does exercise go with LT?! do you have enough energy? are you allowed?



Here we go again!
Don't think many on here have a day off for food or alcohol. Once you are in ketosis it is very dangerous to have alcohol. Some have ended up in hospital because of it.

Some do LT for a couple of months then take a break and then return back to it when they are ready. Others, like myself, just stick with it 100% and refeed when they are happy with the weight they are at or if they have reached their goal weight. I think everyone approaches this diet in their own individual way.

I hope you are happy with whatever decision you decide but if you decide to start LT, I look forward to seeing you on here more often.


Here we go again!
I do exercise on LT. Gym twice a week and badminton once a week. You just do what you can and don't push it too much. Just listen to what your body tells you. Good for toning up too.


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Hi Leah,

I exercise 20 mins a day exercise bike. 10 mins of toning on power plate and walking dog twice a day. I feel fit enough to do it although some days I have more energy than others.

If you decide to go ahead then lots of luck hun xxx

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