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To Weigh Or Not To Weigh....that Is The Question!!


Hi all

I have been reading the postings about the great weighing debate and the use os scales. For all of us who have a love hate relationship with our scales I am going to throw a spanner in the works and offer you this contentious piece of information:

Daily Weighing
Daily weight monitoring is a useful behavioural strategy for weight control. Research shows that weighing frequency among weight loss trial participants is strongly associated with weight change [19]. Frequent weighing is a common behavioural strategy in successful weight loss maintainers; among participants in the National Weight Control Registry, 44% reported weighing themselves at least once a day and 31% weighed themselves at least once a week[4]. Despite common belief, there is no evidence that weighing by weight loss participants is a cause of negative mood or body dissatisfaction [20].
Daily weighing is recommended in this public-health
intervention to aid weight control.

I know that this is quite the opposite to all of the information that we have ever been told!

Daisydee x
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I think it's fab - but for when i get to goal!

lol xx


MUST get a grip
I think that it HAS to depend on whether you are going to 'use' the scales as an 'excuse' to eat/binge or whatever...

There have been some informative posts about the fat cells being replaced with water and so on quite recently which does explain things and makes it understandable...

BUT when the scales stick for you personally - thats when its put to the test... The facts are that if you do ss or 790/810 etc correctly then you cannot fail to lose fat, how this happens is different for each and every person - you only have to look at my losses to see that and I have never cheated at all the entire time I've been doing this.

At one point my scales didnt budged for 12 days.....

BUT - my theory is this - if the scales dont move I look at it like the scales are challenging me not that they for one minute will beat me! If you are blipping and weighing everyday and luckily still losing you get into very unchartered territory - false sense of security and all that.

I think it. like most things MUST be about the individual. I now weigh everyday as I am totally single minded about my weight loss, if they dont move then I have no intention whatsoever of blipping. On the other hand if you are still led emotionally I dont think daily scale hopping is the way to manage yourself...

I get on them and off - but the ONLY official WI's I actually have are with my CDC....

BTW - merely an opinion hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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