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Today I have resisted ...


loves food and cooking
In Frugal Fifer's brilliant post about the 'Resist List', it was suggested that we start it as a thread - well here it is ..

The resist list:

Please feel free to add anything you have sucesfully resisted today, with the syns if you want to :D

Today (so far) I have resisted ...

a 'generous' portion of butter on my jacket (4 syns),
a grating of cheddar on the same jacket (3 syns)
and a shortbread biscuit (a gazillion syns because it would have become more than one :rolleyes:)
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what a wonderful idea!
today I have resisted -
all the food at the egg hunt apart from grapes and strawberries even put a half eaten choc rabbit in the bin!!
said no to - egg sarnies (my fav) loads of choc, breadsticks, mini chedders - came home and ate a batchelors pasta n sauce!!


loves food and cooking
what a wonderful idea!
today I have resisted -even put a half eaten choc rabbit in the bin!!
You should be congratulated for fantastic self control - don't know if I could have put it in the bin !!!! Well done :clap:


Trying again!!!
Fantastic thread ~ am feeling poorly at the moment and wanted chocolate to cheer myself up so was just about to devour my hubby's dairy milk when I thought no, it will only make me feel even worse so I had 2 choc and fudge Alpen lights and they hit the spot so am well chuffed. Well done everyone xx
Ooohh today I have resisted,
The dip from the bacon.........mmmm
Butter on my JPot.
The chocky digestive that keeps shouting my name.
The half a fish finger that my son left at tea.
and I even spat out the cheese I put in my mouth without realising it when making sarnies at lunch !!!!!!
I am so glad that people liked the idea of the resist list, I resisted roast potatoes yesterday and a few biscuits.


loves food and cooking
today I resisted ..

.. seconds of rice pudding (made with cream :eek:)

(would have been better if I could say I had resisted the rice pudding, but hey - I am human :eek:)
I am currently resisting alcohol of any description! I would love some wine or a g&t...

I am also resisting eating everything in the cupboards. Luckily there's nothing easily pickable, so it's not too bad.
This morning I have resisted the BIG bag of mini toblerones that my DD1 has for easter, she has left them open on the couch, how dare she do that!
ive made for my other half and resisted

burger on the bbq, on a barm with best butter, fried onions and tomato sauce

got my wedges in the oven instead
I haven't resisted at all all week, BUT today resisted more chocolate (there is sooo much around being its Easter), resisted crumpets with Lurpak and ANYTHING from the bakers when my daughter was getting lunch! Great thread Angie :)
Today I have resisted
the free samples at the supermarket
chochoc and more choc
The garlic bread I cooked for the family
The BOGOF offer on the full syn yogurts
and im sure theres more to come hahah
Great thread! Today I have resisted

- half an angel cake in the cupboard
- a galaxy caramel sitting right next to me as I type
- my giant baileys easter egg that OH bought me (its getting munched on Weds after weigh in!)
- white bread when I was making the kids lunches this afternoon (I usually eat a slice while making butties!)

That must be about a gazillion syns including the easter egg - its massive! x x
Umm..I just opened the 50% extra free box of After Eights my hubby bought me for Easter, it's enormous *sigh...the thought was there* - to weigh an individual choc as I can't believe one matchmaker is 1 syn and an After Eight it 1.5, but it does weight twice as much!! Anyway box is open but I didn't eat any - at Xmas I couldn't cope with this at all and ate a whole box in minutes :(.....it's something about taking off the little paper packets I think!!

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