Today I will mostly be..........


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drinking? Water
doing? Looking after my kids, don't work on Fridays (outside the home)

reading? Little Face

wearing? Black trousers, long chocolate brown wrap dress and boots.

looking forward to ? Going out tonight

dreading ? Work on Monday

What are tummy tuck jeans ?

What about you?




Queen of the Damned
drinking? water

doing? looking after Nina

reading? Doppelganger

wearing? Blue jeans, white thermal vest, light blue hoodie top, cute ass socks with pink dots

looking forward to ? getting through today without cheating

dreading ? getting through dinner - I am starving! :(



Back again!
drinking? Rooibos Tea

doing? Shopping this morning, lazy afternoon

reading? Gordon Ramsay's Autobiography

wearing? Black jeans, red T-shirt with diamante Winne the Poo (I'm so grown up!)

looking forward to ? hubby coming home from work & a nice Friday night in

dreading ? Nothing - lucky me :)

What about you?


Gone fishing

What are tummy tuck jeans ?

They are called 'Not Your Daughters jeans...tummy tuck' So comfortable. Not available in the UK. Had to order from the states and pay the tax. Still...they are favourites and have 2 pairs now :)


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And if one wanted to purchase a pair where would one buy them.........(give me the name of the site please)