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Today's Menu?

Just for some ideas/inspiration and to compare....wondered if anyone wanted to share what you are planning to eat for the day?? I'd like to also compare how much Im eating to other people - im sure ive been eating too much!! Often eat when Im bored...which is a terrible habit I want to stop!!
I am having:
Breakfast: 28g Fruit n Fibre (HeB), 250ml SS milk (HeA)
Snack: Apple & Pear
Lunch: 2 Nimble bread (HeB) with sliced banana, mullerlight.
(Eat nothing between 1-5pm before weigh in!)
Tea: Jacket potato - lots of beans and side salad
Options hot choc (2yns) before bed.

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Porridge (Milk HeA) and ryvita and 1 dairylea light triangle.

2 x 400g B bread (HeB) and mackerel in tom sauce and sw chips made in microwave.

WW sausages, Mash (using milk allowance) cabbage n leak, carrots and broccoli, onions and gravy.
Muller light

apple and grapes

B: Skinny sugar-free vanilla latte HE A, Hi-fi bar (have a long commute to work)
MM: Big fruit salad

L: Tofu noodle stir fry (syns for hoisin), edamame

D: Jerk chicken on the bbq, corn on the cob, minted new potatoes, salad

Snacks: fruit, mullerlight
Water: 2 litres & herbal tea

B: x2 bread (HEB) banana
L: HUGE pasta salad with sweetcorn, peppers, onion, peas, garlic, chilli, quorn, rocket, cottage cheese, 1 tablespn extra light mayo (1 syn) kiwi & rasperberries
Snack: Mugshot, tea
D: Chicken (HEB) Peppers, onions, sweetcorn, Fajita spice mix (synned), couscous


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B - 2 small slices wholemeal bread (HEB) 2 fried eggs, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms

L - savoury rice and salad, Hi fi bar (6 syns)

D - courgette and pea risotto with lemon & thyme (parmesan HEA) served with salad

During the day I will munch my way through FF yoghurt, grapes, apple, banana & pear and for supper I will have a Hi Fi bar (HEB).


Mad as a Hatter
3 rashers grilled bacon minus fat on a wholemeal bun
Shape yogurt

Crayfish tails with Rocket and celery
Hellmans Extra Light Mayo

Joes Chinese chicken and Pork steaks - into a stirfry I think..


Not too sure about HEXAs yet... maybe a Starbucks Venti Skinny Latte and some cheese !!
brekkie: sausage's, bacon and sains bgty egg mayo sandwich filler

lunch: HEB 2 wholemeal bread, sains bgty egg mayo sarnie filler, 1 sausage and a muller with 5 syn pack pomme bears

snack banana muller grapes 3 lite babybel HEA (working 4.30-7!)

dinner: Birds eye beef or chicken in gravy with veg and jacket potato (HEB)

HEA Milk for coffee

10 syns left although i was 10 over mon and 20 0ver tue!!! So could do with saving them.
Breakfast - Banana & Tea (Milk from allowance)

Mid Morning - Coffee (Milk from allowance)

Lunch - 2 Poached Eggs & 1 slice wholemeal toast (HE B)

Mid Afternoon - Coffee (would normally have a muller light yogurt aswell or a piece of fruit but weigh in 2night so il pass on that)

Dinner - Plannin to have either baked potato and beans or chicken mushroom pasta n sauce (milk from allowance HE A)

Snacks - 2 Alpen Light (HE B) :D:D
A couple of days worth from me ...

b - slice brown toast (HEb), 2 quorn sausages, slice of bacon and boiled egg
l - chicken stirfry with egg noodles (synned) and oyster sauce (synned) (leftovers from night before)
t - cottage pie made with swede mash, WW chocolate ice cream dessert (synned)
s - muller light, grapes, banana, Ryvita minis

b - slice brown toast (HEb), 2 quorn sausages, slice of bacon and boiled egg
l - chicken salad
t - steak and a few SW chips
s - muller light, grapes, banana, Ryvita minis
B. 1 piece WW toast...mushrooms...plum toms and 2 meatfree sausages

L. Savoury rice

(snack) mullerlight yoghurt with chopped banana

D. Beanfeast with pasta (sprinkled with HEX A cheese) and 3 x Krisprolls (HEX B)

Morning :wavey:

My menu for today is:

B: Mullerlight & Banana (Was in a rush... down to my 2yr old)
S: Grapes
L: Half Onion/potato Tortilla from the mag I cooked last night
S: Walkers baked
D: Haven't decided, I will involve my HeExA in this
S: Alpen Light Bars (HeExB)

Plus a 2ltr bottle of water throughout the day :)
breakfast- yogurt
lunch - 3 pagen crisp rolls with LC light (hexb+a),
snack- banana
dinner- scrambled egg with bacon (hexa), yogurt
snack- 2x alpen light (hexb) cheese curls (3.5 syns) flake (7 syns)

B: skinny sf vanilla latte (HE A), ww malt loaf x2 (2 syns)
MM: SW quiche, 2 new pots

L: Omelette, salad, white wine spritzer

D: Grilled salmon in sweet chilli sauce 1 syn, wholegrain rice, steamed ps broccoli

S: fruit


B: 1 "fried egg", turkey bacon, sweet potato hashbrowns

L: Tofu & noodle stir fry 2 syns for hoisin

D: "chicken" enchiladas (quorn pieces) 6 syns for corn tortilla, mexican rice, salad

S: fruit, mullerlight
Brekkie: bran flakes (HEX B) and skimmed milk (HEX A) with a banana
Snack: 4 clementines and a banana
Lunch: Gammon (cooked last night), scrambled egg, cherry tomatoes and 2 dark rye ryvita (3 syns)
Tea: not decided yet, might make it an EE day and have some SW chips when i get back from the pub after consuming a few more syns!

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