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Todays menus


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Morning all

Feeling 110% motivated today.:)

Menu for today

BF: 28 g of shreddies (HEXB) with strawberries and milk from (HEXA)
Lunch: Egg salad
EM: Pasta, Bean and Veg Bake (a WW recipe)
Snacks - Fruit, Shape LS yohurt, Thai Mug shot (half a syn) - To be used as and when I am feeking hungry
Aiming for 2 Litres of water

Have a good day everyone

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what are mug shots, and where do you get them, and how many sins are they, i keep hearing about them??


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Mug shots are pasta or noodle cup a soups - very filling.
I get mine from Asda.
The Sweet n Sour and Tomato and Herb are free. The thai one is half a syn.
Today's menu - green day :)

Breakfast -

coffee, shape lasting satisfaction yoghurt

Lunch -

4 x ryvita (HEb) with quark & 28g cheddar (HEa), mug shot

Dinner -

not sure yet, but probably a big jacket potato with quark and 113g tuna (HEb)

Snacks/other -

shape yoghurt, pasta n sauce
250ml semi skimmed milk (HEa)
Blimey Beki - are you not hungry? You don't seem to eat very much........ or perhaps I'm just a pig!!
I know no f&v lol. And you're not the first to say that... got a PM a few days ago telling me off!!! ;) :D Going shopping tomorrow so will add some into the trolley then.. brownie's honour ;)

Anyway, yeah i do get hungry, but that's when my mug shots or pasta n sauce come in ;)

In fact, dinner's changed now, from the jacket pot to a huge plate (and when i say huge i mean huge :eek: ) of spaghetti with passata, garlic & tom puree, with grated cheese on top - YUM! :D

Oh, and also adding a wispa into the mix tonight ;) So don't worry!! I'm not going to starve! I haven't got the willpower to :rotflmao: LOL

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