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Toddler shoes


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Hiya everyone, i have 2 daughters aged 2 and half and 18 months who are need of some new shoes. I always get them measured and fitted for shoes as they have wide feet and if i just buy them shoes i find the shoes are a little narrow. I usually get my shoes from john lewis who do clarks one but this time round i have round to john lewis and clarks and the shoes are awful, they are so chunky and ugly. The lady in john lewis said they were more targeted to the school market at the mo but shoes were for toddlers mmm. So i was wondering if anyone else knows of any other shoe shops that do shoe fittings x
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Brantanos measure and have a really good choice, to be honest I usually use Clarks and buy my little man a nice pair from them and then go to Brantanos for sandles etc as they are so much cheaper, though they do sell Clarks aswell! x
Any shoe shop worth its salt will measure children's feet - personally I wouldn't buy shoes from a shop that didn't. Why not have a look on the clarks website as they may have a store locator. Depending on where you live you may find there are some local independent shoe shops near you that stock Clarks and other children's brands.

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Hi what I normally do is just go into Clarks & get my wee ones feet measured & then have a look on ebay for bargains. I've managed to get Clarks shoes for about a fiver! At that age wee ones don't wear for too long as they're feet grow fast so mostly in perfect condition.

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