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Tomorrow I turn Old

Tomorrow I turn 40. I know I look good for my age, and at my current weight I have slimmed down immensely. However, turning 40 I feel that I am am old and I don't have much life left. I know it's ridiculous but that's how I feel. I am sad that my Mum isn't here to see me turn 40, I always thought she would be. The legal case just drags on as it does, but each day is a struggle to try to come to terms with what happened to her. Even my Dad now believes that if the hospital had done it's job right, she still would have been alive. On top of this, I am finding these last pounds very hard. I seem to have many cravings now, much more than when I started this diet. I feel depressed because I cannot eat anything, and yet, I know that if I were to give into these urges, now and after I come off LT I would be back to where I started. In short, I just feel low. I am sorry for being on a downer, but it helps to get it off my chest as I have no one here really to talk to. Men aren't like women, you can't sit down and have a good chin wag with them.
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40? Old???

Sheesh, that makes me positively antique! :eek:
I know that, when we're feeling down, everything can have a negative slant on it but now that you've addressed your weight issue and are slimmer and healthier, you've maximised your chances of living to a ripe old age and thanks to your efforts, the liklihood is that you're not even middle aged yet!

Sending hugs your way xx


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Hi Charlotte
I turned 40 July , and yes you think i really don't like the idea , but you know its ok , you can look in the mirror and not see any changes hehe . Sorry to hear that you lost your mum . I guess when we are feeling low we think more on the sad things , you need to think more on happy things to give you an uplift , think about blowing them 40 ballons up :) Yes you are right about men , but i think there is an odd one that listens , but mine hes the same , they don't talk about things do they ? Hopr you feel better in yourself later !
Aaw Charlotte. Firstly, I wish you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow and I really do hope there will be some happiness in it for you :)

OK, 40, I know that is a scary number.... I know it is nigh on impossible to think happy thoughts at the moment, but just think, ok you may be 40, but you will be a

Fit :D

Fabulous :D

Forty :rolleyes:

and Definitely Not a

Fat :cry:

Frumpy :cry::cry:

Forty :mad:

which would have been *so* much worse.

You are nearing the end of LT now, you have been absolutely angelic on it, I for one dont know how you have stuck it for so long. Its the start of a new you, you should give yourself one gigantic pat on the back for what you have achieved and what you are achieving.
Charlotte, Just like Elle says you are amazing for sticking to this diet for so long. You are an inspiration to us and you are going to look amzing on your birthday and feel fantastic!!! Your Mum will be looking down at you feeling so proud at the determination you have mustered up to keep going and lose all the weight!! You were 15st 7lbs and now you are 11st 13lbs!!!! THAT IS FANTASTIC!!! I hope you have said this out loud!!!! YOU ARE HOT TOTTY!!!

One other thing.................

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:party0038::party0019::grouphugg::party0023:
From all your friends on Minimins!! Have a great day!! xxoo
I am overwhelmed by your kindness, all of you. I wish I had friends like you here.


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Hi Charlotte, The big 4 0 is not too far in the distance for me either. I know I'll feel exactly the same so I'm not much comfort am I? lol. Apparently tomorrow is when your 'life begins' and looking at the weight loss I think it might just be right.

Sorry to hear about your mum. Hope you are feeling a bit better.......these guys on here are pretty fabulous arn't they!!


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Hi Charlotte,

Turning into any new decade can be a traumatic time as we take stock of where we are in life and look back on our past and think about those loved ones who are no longer with us, about our losses and success and now where we are in life and where we would like to be in the future.

The Magic of Turning 40!

It is true, certain things may never happen at 40. It is unlikely that Playboy will want you as their centrefold, just as the likelihood of ever being a grandma fades. While you cannot turn back time “turning 40” suggests something exciting! The simple phrase “turning” means you can turn into anything you want to be.

You can turn to anything that you want to. It also means you can turn on your passion, turn on your greatness, turn the page, turn the corner and move on! You are halfway through life, but you still have the second half. No matter where you are in your life, there are no rules where you should be.

It doesn’t matter whether you are happily married, single or divorced 5 times. It doesn’t matter if you have too many children, enough or none. It doesn’t even matter if you are highly educated; college educated or barely finished high school. At 40, the doors are wide open and you can still do anything you want.

In biblical terms the numerical number 40 has significant meaning. Think of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain floods. It took the Israelites 40 years to find the Promised Land, and Jesus spent 40 days in the dessert before his crucifixion. Maybe it takes 40 years to grow into an awesome woman. You are about to enter the most amazing time in your life. The past 40 years were all about preparation. Now you are both credible and incredible. 40 is the pivotal power age and here is why:

·You can become a doctor or lawyer and still have time left to practice;
·You can fall in love like a teenager and still have the time to grow up;
·You can marry a younger man without first having a facelift;
·You can have your first wedding anniversary;
·You can have children and still have the time to raise them
·You can shop at Victoria Secret without looking silly
·You can move to another country and still have the time to make it your home;
·You can take up a new sport without worrying about arthritis;
·You lived long enough to be sure about some things;
·You can say what you want and others will listen;
·You can still have fun without being medicated;
·You can do something that you have never done in your life.

© 2006 Allie Ochs


I am sorry for the loss of your mother and that she is not here now to see what a beautiful young woman you are and to share in your 40th Birthday celebrations and the wonderful success you have achieved of losing weight. She would for sure be ever so proud of you, just as we here on MiniMins are.:grouphugg:

Love Mini xxx


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I will be forty in a couple of years, yes its a pretty scary thought that you are getting older.....but I feel much better now than I did 5 years ago. I know the circumstances are different but have you given yourself time to grieve properly for your mum instead of concentrating on the court case....?
My mum had breast cancer years ago, her gp forgot to refer her on to the hospital.....so months later she went back and asked if there was any news from the hospital re her appointment. He then told her he had totally forgotten and he rang the hospital to make one for her.
Knowing this does get to me occassionally (sp), but she never let it bother her and never blamed him.....but I often think what if she had been diagnosed earlier and started treatment earlier, would she still be here.

Hope you have a great day tomorrow and I am sure your mum will be around you for your special day.


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Hello there,

I was a chubby child, overweight teenager, VERY overweight in my 20s, OBESE in my 30s and now at 43 I feel younger than ever I did before. I wear jeans now (never did or COULD before). I have more energy than before.

I too wish my Mum could have seen me like this as I know she always worried about my weight. I lost Mum 10 years ago next month. I still feel orphaned but I'm sure she *knows* about my weight.

Now, about yours, weight I mean... I see that you are still aiming for another almost 2 stone to take your BMI down to under 22? Amazingly low. Might you feel a little more chirpy if the road was less long ahead of you? Your choice of course but I'm 25 BMI, looking for 24 (ok 23.5), but another 10lbs does that for me...

Wishing you luck whatever you decide, and congratulating you on the journey thus far...
I withdrew my previous one that I took when I started this cos I looked awful. At least my face doesn't have more than one chin now.
Charlotte you say you wish you had friends like us - YOU DO! We are all here to keep an eye out for you and cheer you up when you are down.

40, is it a biggie? Nah, not really, it's just a number. In fact 40 is very definately the new 30, most of us are not nursing young babies/toddlers and are beginning to get our lives back- yippee!

I love being in my 40's (way better than being in my 30's) and this time next year I will be looking at being 50. Do I care? No, because each day is a new chance to have fun, learn new things and get the most out of life, whatever age you are!

Be as happy a 40year old as you can be, you are worth it!

Happy Birthday, Charlotte! I hope you're feeling better today. I do understand about the age thing as I've just turned 50 and these milestones do make you reflect a bit, don't they? I've also just lost my mother, who was a fantastic friend and support to me, and I miss her every day. But losing the weight and looking forward to a life without it is such a positive thing for us to do. You're really not old at 40 (as Mini showed), and I'm not old at 50, either. If anyone wants to think we are, that's their problem, not ours. Anyway, once we are at goal we'll look 10 years younger! Have a great day.


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Wishing you a very happy birthday

Love Mini xxx

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