Tonight Claire Sweeney STV Weight Prog 9pm


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hmm wish i looked like her after she put on that weight


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My hubby said he didn't notice much difference, big fuss about nothing lol typical men! Though I do think she might have played it on for the camera a teeny bit with sticking out her belly and standing or sitting a bit slouched to accentuate it! But it is scary how quickly the body can change shape!


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that burger did look good tho lol .. far to bigger portion for even a man of my size .. americans always over do it ..


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this woman prob works out every day and restricts her diet [doesnt even look at the menu]
then she starts to eat high carb and high fat food pretty much every day, and i missed some of it, but i dont think she was working out. its no suprice she put on so much!
i actually saw her at 'shout' last year and remember thinking she has put on weight, now i know why!

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I watched this last night and it definitely made me sit up and take notice. Quite frightening how quickly things can change if you let your usual routine slide.

Don't know what was wrong with me, but after watching her continually stuffing her face with loads of crap I was actually starting to get a bit queasy :confused:

Unsuprisingly I managed to stick within my calorie allowance today - no problem :p, so thank you Claire Sweeney! ;) ....and may it long continue :D


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Yeah, I watched it too - people seem to have really mixed opinions on it, either found it really motivating and loved it, or thought it was patronising and hated it! I found it really helpful, especially as I was online at the same time! Always good to have a bit of inspiration!

Shame it doesn't come off that quickly though! xxx


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I've just finished watching it and really enjoyed it. I saw a similar thing before with Louise Redknapp, but this one was more realistic as Claire is a 'normal' size! lol

It's scary how quick and easy the weight comes on isn't it? I gained about 8lb between Oct and Dec, and that seemed to creep up on me. I suppose I was still being a little but careful, I just gave up CC and exercise. I have now resigned myself to the fact that I am always going to have to exercise and be careful with food. I hate the term 'diet' though. I never say "I am on a diet", it has such negative connotations. I would rather say "I am watching what I eat"! It's a psychological thing ;) lol

Very inspiring though. Good on her for doing it. :happy096:


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i have to say i wasn't to impressed... i guess it was a bit of a shock at how quick u could put on so much weight...


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ive just finished watching it myself (recorded it) i thought it was really good, i was so shocked and suprised to see how much difference there was in 6weeks. Even her skin looked very unhealthy. i also think i found it quite inspiring as i am currently the size she went up to in those 6 weeks, and it made me think. All i have to do is exercise, watch what i eat, and i can drop to 10stone and look that good, and be fit and healthy.

Thankyou Claire, you were an inspiration to me. x


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i too felt qeezy watching her stuff lots in herself...(what is wrong with me i usually crave everything)
she did slouch and stick out her stomach to make it look more exagerated...but her lats..back fat well you did see increase mega...
also cellulite was more sad am i looking for it...i see enough of my own why did i look for hers?????
Hubby was NOT impressed at the pressups sit ups and squats...she wasnt doing them correctly he said...not protocol for fitness testing!
Jee i was exhausted watching her!


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I enjoyed watching this, it was shocking how much she changed in just 6 weeks!

One thing really hit me though. The doctor said to her something like "in all my years in health care I have never known anyone eat what they want and not have health implications" for some reason this really shocked me. I don't know why because it is obvious, but hearing it really made me sit up and listen.


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I spent 2 years after leaving my parents to move in with hubby eating what I fancied an not exercising... it took 2 years but I gained 3 stone and I thought I was eatng pretty healthy!

Just goes to show that many of us eat far too much of the wrong stuff and simply do nothing to balance the calorie intake/output!