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Toning Exercises


I was planning on starting body pump this week as it’s highly recommended for toning and builds up muscle without getting you ‘bulky’. I discussed with my pharmacist and having done LT herself she also swore by body pump, however she did say that as it essentially strengthens and builds up muscle, weight loss will slow down as you gain muscle mass – makes sense!

The thing is, my biggest motivation for staying in this diet is the drastic weight loss, and I’m worried if I see less pounds off each week I’ll loose focus and start cheating – despite the fact that my body will look toned and leaner!! Very silly way of thinking, I know!!

Anyway, my question is, is anyone else doing toning exercises? If so, have you seen a huge slow down in weight loss? I’ve done this diet before and ended up with some loose bits around the arms and thighs which took months of gyming to firm up, I’m trying to prevent that this time round.
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On a mission
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I too am interested in this as I am getting a rowing machine this weekend to tone my stomach up. With over 5 stone to lose I am worried I will get excess skin. I am worried that muscle will slow down weight loss and my main aim is weight loss too

Sorry for hijacking your post.

Also worried as to how much exercise we should be doing anyway.
We get only around 400 calories on this diet and a gym workout would cancel those out - so what happens then? Surely our bodies can't handle that?!
Hi Chele,

Good point. I hadn't thought of asking how much we should be doing in the first place. I'm feeling more energetic than I did before the diet, my plan was to go for the classes at gym and stop if I feel weak or dizzy half way through... I don't think toning exercises are as 'hard' on our bodies as cardio, though I may be wrong...


Don't worry, be happy :)
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There is a really old workout called callanetics which is fantasic for toning you up, it doesn't really make you lose (or gain) weight but it does tone you up very fast.
It's like controlled stretching and doesn't get you out of breath like cardio (no jumping around) and isn't strenous like weightlifting. It does make you lose those pesky inches though. :)
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I have been told that the types of excersise should be light.. such as yoga (great for toning and stretching muscles and not building up mass).. pilates definately for the stomach.. walking and swimming.. hth xx
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hey honey, I have been doing toning exercises and have found that my arms etc are starting to look a lot more toned etc... my average weight loss a week has always been roughly 4lbs.. weeks that I have done more exercise I have still lost about 4lb.

My pharmacy suggested that I stick to cardio. I kind of alternate really. I do one day cardio then one day toning... which is what alot of gym instructors recommend as well.

I think that you should definitely go to body pump this week. see what your weigh in is like next week. I understand what you mean about how you would feel if your weight loss slowed down but look on the bright side you will be toning and like you said yourself.. with body pump you build muscle without going bulky.

Also a bit of advice my lil sis gave me was.. more reps less weights... then you wont go bulky!
I've been doing yogalates at home (combination of yoga and pilates), went to gym to sign up for some instructor classes and that's when they said body pump would be best for toning and simultaneously strengthening muscles....

Hmm... might drop by the gym again today and have a longer chat with a trainer, I'd really like to avoid the flab if possible and still continue losing weight fast... Kinda like wanting to have my cake and eat it, haha :jelous:
Calanetics sounds interesting, I'll definitely have a look. Trish walking and swimming would certainly work but I think they'd be slower than the rate of weight loss and therefore end up with some flab still. I'm still doing the yogalates but only half hour in the mornings at the moment.
FBTB!! That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Someone toning and losing the avergae 4 lbs per week :) I'll go to body pump on Saturday and see how weigh in next week goes.

P.S: The only reason I'm not doing cardio as well is because I've always been fairly unfit even at my slimmest. Cardio always totally wears me out. I don't think I'd manage it while on LT, hehe ;-)
S: 18st7lb C: 18st7lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thats the best thing to do hun.
Everyone is different at the end of the day and you may find that after you start going to body pump you start losing more than your average 4lbs. If you see that its having the opposite effect you could try something different.

Lol. Yeah Im not exactly wonderful at the cardio but I try and get a bit in. But just generally I have found that the 8min videos that I am following on youtube have done wonders to my body!...

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