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Tonsillitis - do I eat???


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I have really bad tonsillitis, have felt awful for the last 48 hours and finally today went to the Drs and have been given some antibiotics.

The thing is while I don't feel like eating and have stuck to the diet so far should I eat - will it help me get better?? I feel so poorly and can't help but feel that things like orange juice (which I am longing for) and some bits will help give me the energy to fight it.

the antibiotics while they say with or after food i can take on an empty stomach - I checked with the pharmacist - so that's not the issue.

What shall I do??

And to add to it it's the Isle of Wight festival this weeknd and we're all going. Well I won't be if I don't feel better soon.:cry::cry::cry:

Thanks for any advice.

K xx
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Oh Sweetheart - I am sorry you are poorly. Tonsillitis is so nasty.

I must admit that personally I would not fancy taking antibiotics on an empty stomach. While I am no expert your body does need to get over this illness and might need a little more energy to do so than ss and ketosis can provide - if you think it might help maybe you could add in some of the foods from the higher plans for a few days until you start to feel better?

I hope you feel better soon - heres some get well vibes:vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes:
If you need to get your energy up stick to protein, and also get the water flavouring, lovely warm x


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Sorry your not feeling well. A friend of mine just had her tonsils removed. Dr said they were the largest he'd ever seen! :eek:

I usually take antibiotics with at least something to drink...full glass of water or something. I can't imagine that citrus juice would feel good? I'd imagine it burning? Did you try it?

I hope you feel better soon. ((hugs))


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Thanks guys for the advice. I have to say I really really feel like some orange juice, but that's about it - I actually have no appetite but of course is that cos I'm poorly or in ketosis?? I am still having my shakes so I'm getting nutrition.

I might go for some chicken and veggies later to get a bit of extra energy - I expect you're right and I will need more then ketosis is giving me.

I don't feel any better this morning :cry::cry: in fact if anything my throat feels worse. Ah well. I'll be over it eventually!

K xxx


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Just checking to see if you feel any better today. :wavey:

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