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I am off work for a few days with a severe case of tonsillitis. The doctor has prescribed me penicillin and said lots of fluids and soft food.

I don't have the energy to prepare my own soups etc ......... Are there any off the shelf brands that are Dukan friendly???

Today I'm on a PP day

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Ouch! You poor thing!

I don't know the answer to your question - but in your shoes I would chose to fall off the wagon for a short while, to get the food that my body needs to fight off the infection and recover, and worry about the diet in a day or two!
Thank you.

I'm gonna take a slow walk to the shop later and see what soups they have. I'm still gonna avoid as many carbs as possible so that getting back into it isn't as hard.

I did weigh myself this morning and saw a huge drop in my weight but I'm not going to celebrate yet as I have a fever and haven't eaten much in 2 days.

Would it be wise, once I'm well enough, to do a few Attack days to get back on track???

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Don't go back on attack - no need and a bit unkind when your body is trying to recover.

Just ease back into pp/pv and see how you go.
I agree with Atropos, no need to go on Attack at all... your body is using extra energy at the moment to fight the virus/bacteria ( whichever one is causing your tonsillitis ) which translates into burning calories as well. Rest assured you will not put on any weight by having some soup ( even if they are the supermarket type ).

If you could have some supermarket poached salmon or white fish those are very soft and very good for you as well!
Please don't worry and hope you have a speedy recovery
I've not been able to get to a supermarket. Just to a tesco express just up the street. I just bought a couple of tins of Heinz soup to get me thru the next couple of days xxx

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Hope you feel better soon x
I know I've only been on the antibiotics for a day but the razor blades are still crowding my throat.
I'm no good at being ill. I hate being stuck in the house alone all day :(

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You're not alone, you've got all of us ;) *totally empathise, being ill sucks* Hope you're doing okay though and getting well
I'm not eating much. Mainly because I'm not hungry. I had a bowl of chicken soup, Heinz, not Dukan friendly but it's all I had all day yesterday.

I can't seem to drink water, it's really painful to swallow it, I'm managing to drink plenty of coffee and diet coke tho.

I was almost tempted by some biscuits yesterday as all I could remember was something my mum always says...... When you're ill.... A little of something you fancy does you good!!!!

But I resisted xx

Thank you for all the support. I know that once I'm well again I'll be back into the diet easily xxx

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Would you be able to suck a few ice cubes ? It's a way of getting fluid plus it may help numb your throat . Big hugs for you there's nothing worse than being Ill
Oooohhh noooooo!!!!!

Lol. I hate ice cubes. I can't even have them in drinks when it's really hot.

I am drinking plenty, just not plain water. I can't understand why it is so difficult to swallow when I can manage fizzy drinks.

I guess I'm just plain weird. Lol xxx

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Can you freeze a little Dukan friendly sweetened yoghurt? Be kind of like ice cream! Can't beat a little jelly and ice cream when your throat is sore! x

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