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Too much eggs?

Hello, helloooo!!!

Firstly wow, I am so excited. I'd lost 4lbs at WI yesterday, and even made slimmer of the week! I am so excited I am completely beside myself.... still!!!!! :):):) Thank you to everyone for your lovely support! :)

Right, my question. I find breakfasts really difficult as I don't have much time in the mornings (with family and etc.. I'm sure most of you know how it is with spouse & little ones!!). I've seen what a lot of other people do here on the forum and tried a muller light yoghurt and some fruit. But it just isn't enough! 9.15 and I could eat a horse, honestly! (not bad considering I only eat fish and no other meat ;-)

I get funny fancies, and the other day I had two boiled eggs to munch on in the morning, after my yoghurt and fruit. I found out that it seems like this works really well for me, the protein really keept me going. Also it saves my Hex'es for later in the day. But is it really healthy to have that many eggs? Don't think I'd fancy it every single day, but just not sure what to do? What do you guys think?

Lots of love, Caramelle X X X
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Well done on your loss hun!!! I don't think eggs make a difference really, I get cravings for them now and then they're so good! There was a thread started a while ago about the health risks of eggs and I think the food standards people said basically eggs are better for us than we first thought. 2 eggs a day should be OK! Eat away xxxx
The British Heart Foundation used to say 3 eggs a week, but have now changed their recommendations and have no limit!

I have 2 eggs for breakfast at least 4 days a week.

Mrs V

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I eat on average 15 eggs a week. I love omelettes, fried eggs (with frylight), boiled eggs and poached. They are great when you are stuck for things to eat.
I tend to make breakfast for the following day, in the evening. If Im having a full cooked breakfast, I make it as Im cooking tea and then re-heat it at work. I cant face breakfast at 08.00 and at that time of day Im taking little one to Day Nursery anyway. It can be done, you just have to be organised and plan a little in advance.



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Erm, I'll see your 15 and raise you....I eat 30 or more a week! lol I've seen weeks where I've used used up three trays - and I buy them in 18s! hahahahah Mind you, haven't done that for a long while.
I wouldn't be worried about two eggs a day! You should be fine with that. Well done on your weight loss so far!


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Unless you start feeling ill on it then i wouldn't worry about the eggs.
I can't eat first thing in the morning either - what with getting the girls up and sorted and then tending to Oliver and trying to get my hubby motivated i don't seem to have the time to eat first thing. I generally leave eating until i've dropped the kids to school and then i sit down with a cuppa, tuna on toast (sounds awful, but is yummy), with 3 babybelle lights, some carrot and cucumber sticks and fruit too!!


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Oh and i meant to say well done on your loss. Thats fantastic! xx (can't remember if i included it in my original msg! - pregnancy brain or what?! lol)
We get one of tesco's tray of 30 eggs a week, and I have to say I probably eat 3/4 of that, and the kids will have the occasional egg sandwich or boiled egg.

Eggs rock!! :p
Hello again ladies! Thank you SO much for all your helpful posts! And thanks for all your congrats also... I love this board. So supportive!! :):):) I'm going to continue with my eggy breakfasts for now!! Quite excited, because this means I can vary the eggs also. Thanks Mrs V, good idea preparing brekkie in the evening before!

Lots of love, Caramelle X X X
Hey hun, I always have 2 boiled eggs with me at work so I can munch on them through the day, i love eggs! My SW consultant once told me I should have no more than 8 eggs per week, puh, i have 4 in an omelette! Its not affected my weight loss eating more than that a week. Everyone is different though, so make sure you writing your foods down, and when it comes to weigh in if you notice it slowing up then see if its the eggs, but personally it doesnt effect me xxx


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My SW consultant once told me I should have no more than 8 eggs per week
I think its more to do with cholesterol than affecting weight loss though - but i don't tend to worry about it.

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