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Too much water?


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I saw my CDC last night and her scales only showed a 2lb loss whereas mine showed an 11lbs loss yesterday morning. We talked at length and she has told me she thinks I am drinking too much water, I didn't think that could be possible?!

I drink between 5-6 litres a day quite easily, I have never been interested in tea or coffee/fizzy drinks/squash and so over time I've built up a bit of thing for drinking water where I feel rubbish if I don't drink that much. I am just baffled how there can be such a difference from morning to afternoon.

I'm going to stop weighing myself, except on weigh in days but I will weigh myself in the morning and go by what my scales say as it's so so so disheartening to go in and see my CDC and not be showing much of a loss at all, it just makes me think 'what's the point of carrying on if according to her scales I've lost 2lbs in three weeks'....

She's told me to cut right back to 4 pints of water a day and we'll see if that makes a difference on her scales.... I flipping hope so.

Sorry this is a) long and b) a bit whiny, I'm just feeling sorry for myself :wave_cry:
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If you are drinking steadily through the day then that water intake is perfectly safe - I drink 8-10litres a day.

Water is heavy - a pint weighs roughly a pound. However it simply cannot affect fatloss negatively! We all weigh lighter in the morning than later in the day as we become dehydrated overnight, but the losses should be more or less the same week to week, ie your morning weights over a week should show the same loss as your evening weights.
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People have died on vlcd with drinking too much water, sticking to the guidelines or there abouts is probably best to be on the safeside :) I do agree that when i was with SW everybody on weigh day wouldn't eat or drink before weigh in because of the fact that a cup of tea could make you weigh half pound heavier. are you doing your inch loss because in essense thats what really matters rather than what the scales say anyway, I've only lost a stone but my bust size has gone down from 50E to 46F in that month, accross the widest part of my bust measures 50inches to get into my size 16 tops it needs to be 44 inches, also across my hip i was 54 and now I am 52. I think its crazy when people just go by the scales when really its the body shape we need to be watching and measuring and no amount of water can change those results :)


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S: 31st9lb C: 22st4lb G: 13st7lb Loss: 9st5lb(29.57%)
Thank you for your reply, I just don't understand why I am showing consistently 8lbs heavier in the evening than I am in the morning and there is such a discrepancy. I suppose I'll just have to suck it up and remember that if I keep doing what I'm doing then I'll HAVE to be losing weight! xx
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Healthy adult kidneys can process over 20 litres of waterv a day, its the speed its drunk that matters - ie 3l in an hour could be dangerous. I emailed Lipotrim the other day asking about the scientific reasoning behind them saying more than 4 litres a day is dangerous, and recieved a VERY enlightening email!! Let me look for link...


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I'm absolutely disgusted, sounds like they all dirtiest laughing andcounting ther bank balances while we struggle with the day to day torture of bein over weight!!!!
wow .. I am quite glad i dont do lipotrim any.. more if thats how they talk to their customers !!!

I tend to have a 6-8 lb difference from morning to evening , like someone says , you dont have any water over night .. then lots in the day .. and as 1 pint weighs 1lb it is not surprising that you weigh more in the evening .
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I think the best bet where water is concerned is to judge by thirst, I tend to have 500mls of water before every meal and I also tend to have black tea as required when thirsty. I do think that whilst water is a wonderful product and is needed by our body but just goes to show anything substance can be abused.
I always find when people start any diet they get really obsessed, its either all or nothing, if they slip up they come straight off the diet completely. I've tried very hard to be balanced, yes i am 8stone overweight but do I really need to lose it in the superfast time, I have my own pace, and its working but everyone has there own journey, some days I need to eat some food, i just make sure i make a good choice, and if it slows down my weightloss so be it, but at least if I make a sensible decision, I try not to put weight on, this is how I feel about it presently, no doubt my feelings may change, I can be very changeable, this is where my head space is :)


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Nally, if you're used to drinking 5-6 litres, that's probably fine. Your body's used to it. Now, if you went from drinking very little to drinking 5-6 litres, yep, you'd be asking for trouble and all that scary stuff about water intoxication might apply. I don't think it does, in your case. In fact, if you cut back to 4 pints, you're most likely going to suffer from horrendous constipation by the end of the week, I reckon.

By all means cut back to 4 litres, perhaps. But I seriously doubt your water intake's got anything to do with what's happening. You need to weigh in on one set of scales, that's all. Either go by your scales, first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink-- or don't weigh yourself on your own scales (at any time of day) and simply go by your CWPC's scales on a week to week basis.

I weigh 4 pounds more on my CWPC's scales than I do on mine (if I compare my morning weigh in on my scales to my weigh in on her scales in the evening). If I downed a litre of water before weigh in and didn't have a chance to wee it out, I'd weigh a couple of pounds more (one litre of water weighs 2.2 lbs). Chances are you've got a nice big bladder that holds a lot (which is actually a good thing!) :)

Water intake is not the problem, I'm virtually certain. It's simply a discrepancy between scales. If you want to do a direct comparison, weigh yourself on your own scales immediately before or after weighing on your CWPCs. That's the only way you're going to be able to figure things out.


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Hi ladies, i would say that to exceed 4 litres a day of water along with the fluids in your products would not be advisable, as a previous poster has said. Water intoxication is a real risk.....I would say for those who exceed the recommended amount try to reduce the amount you intake each day because your not only flushing out any impurities in your system, but your putting your system under stress by excessive water consumption, and maybe upsetting your electrolyte and salts balance. Be careful, there are fluid intake guidelines for a good reason. Just listen to your CDC they have good knowledge and experience.

Good luck all on your weight loss journey :)

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