Too much water??


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I am sure I have seen it before, but please remind me.

I have had 5 litres up to 3pm today, and can easily drink another4 or 5 before bed. Is this too much?

I have seen threads saying the more you drink the more you shrink, which is why I am drinking as much as I can.

I weigh myself daily and am seeing steady 2 lbs loss per day since Monday. Also, I can actually feel my trousers becoming looser by the hour!!!

Please let m eknow if I am doing the right thing by drinking so much
You CAN drink too much water resulting in water intoxication. Basically, your body's electrolytes (salts) become too diluted: this is bad news and in the worst case scenario can be fatal.

I think the figure I read was something like 12 litres for a man - probably more like 8 litres for a woman (but I'm not a medical expert). It would probably be unwise to go above 8 litres in any one day.

Perhaps there is someone more knowledgable than me who can clarify this.
An adults kidneys can process over 15 litres of water a day but not all in one go.

So the answer is it's not how much you drink that is the worry given your example, but if you are drinking it inconsistently then that can be a problem.
I tend to drink 500ml bottles and leave about a 1/2 hour gap between each one so my kidneys have time to work and I get a half hour break from the toilet!
I seem to remember reading that 9 litres are dangerous - i recall a a news story bout a girl who died after taking ecstacy but the toxicology report found that in fact she had drank too much water trying to avoid dehydration.
Thanks guys, as always a great help.

I am drinking about a litre every hour and p'ing for England. No comments at work yet but I am sure they are coming!!

I find it really takes away any hunger pangs.

Getting weighed tonight so hope to see about a 10lb loss from Monday. (fingers crossed)
In fact 3 Litres in a short space of time can prove very dangerous.

I dont know the exact timeframe - and i can only presume they mean 3 litres straight.

It overwhelms the kidneys and as someone pointed out Electrolytes.

Be careful with the aul water. Its easy to go overboard.

Slug it down gently over the course of the day - and then really no more than 5 litres. Even though in theory the body can take more, even thats a guideline.