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total 0 % greek yogurt

I love it too & bought some greek yogurt asdas own low fat. Just looked it up & it is 5 syns for the 500g pot. Thought it would be syn free so thanks for posting this as would have ate it & not synned it :eek:
i know things that look the same ie asdas own greek style yog usually aernt the same, looks like il carry on buying the total stuff.its lovely and feels so indulgant i used to like creme fresh but thats sinned so i have total with a little bit of sweetner and its sooo yummy especially over loads of fresh fruit x


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Tesco do their own 0% fat free Greek style yoghurt and it's much cheaper but not quite as nice. Depends what you're using it for though. I tend to buy a couple of pots of Total and a couple of pots of the Tesco one. I add the Tesco one to cooking like curry etc and use it to make a choccy dessert with highlights then save the Total one for eating on it's own or with fruit etc.


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Interesting. Just saw this on Total's web site:
"Total 0% Greek Yoghurt is the only fat free Greek Yoghurt available in the UK and is particularly versatile as it can be used either on its own or in cooking to add creaminess without the fat content"


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I just looked at a pot of the Tesco one in the fridge and it does say "Greek style" as opposed to the Total one which is actually Greek yoghurt and is much thicker. Explains why it's not quite as nice then! lol
I know this is an old thread, but i bought fat free greek yoghurt from Asda yesterday (which i used in my quiche instead of cottage cheese) and its really nice!


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I have the O% Greek yogurt every day with fruit but I have tried other and nowhere near as nice and I love the thick texture the others dont have that texture, I thought I was saving some money but I ended up throwing in the bin so wasted it instead.
I think some things are worth paying extra for, Im unemployed so I cant afford to be wasting food so I stick to to the 0% one definately.
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I tried it for the first time this week as Tesco were out of my usually fat free natural yog. To be honest in the beginning I begrudged paying £2 a pot, but after trying it, OMG!!! Nicest discovery of the year - I have been converted!! :)
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People, people... ye who have not tried Total 2% are living in the twilight. Be enlightened:

Now THIS is Greek yoghurt.

0.5 syns for 200g pot, 1.5 syns for a whopping 500g!!!! :drool:

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