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Total failure!!

Have had a horrid day today - think I was in denial about what had happened last week until I got a diagnosis on my jaw - sounds silly but not knowing meant it wasn't too bad. Have sat all day crying and made my way through a big pot of ben and jerrys ice cream :( I feel sick and disgusted at self. I should have learnt to deal with my emotions in a different way than turning to junk food. I will draw a line under it but am gutted I have done this on day 13 after being 100% so far :(

Feeling very tearful and vulnerable right now and as I've run out of painkillers, I'm also in pain :( sorry for such a negative post just needed to get it out!!!

Nic x
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((( ))) aww hun you have been though alot cut yourself some slack hun. pick yourself up and start again its ok hun. you have only fail if you don't carry on hun.


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We all have slips, we are human and it sounds like you are having a hard time. Just get yourself back on track. If you are unwell perhaps you should move up the plans for a while.

Hope things get better for you.
Thanks Michelle - definitely not giving up - just feel really disappointed in self :(

Thanks Chlo but even if I wanted to move up plans I couldn't because can't chew lol (which is why it was ice-cream I gorged on!!)

Tomorrow is a new day and I can move on from this (I hope!!) x
You can move on from this xx go for a walk or do some form of exercise in the morning, it always gives me a boost after a crap day. Hope your ok tomorrow xx


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Hi, First of all sending u a big cuddle and dont appologise for your post its what we are all here for - I think you are amazing to have been able to stay on track with everything that you have been through - A long time ago when I was doing this me and my husband had a silly argument over nothing and i went immediately to the chippy and sat in the car and gorged a whole portion of chips in about 5 mins - and that is nothing in comparison to what you have been through. Be proud of yourself you have achieved so much and being in pain gets you down so much - and in your case you have the emotional side to deal with as well I really feel for you but more than anything I admire how strong you have been. You had a slip up today but that is just one day tomorrow is a new day stock up with plenty of pain killers and get yourself back on track - we are all here to receive and offer support so please dont ever feel bad about posting what is going on or how you are feeling thats we are here for x
Nic - from what you mentioned about how you got injured it sounds like you've had a really rough emotional time recently and as you rightly say hearing just how much you've been injured makes it real.
You know why you ate the ice cream and so now you're less likely to do it again as you're more likely to recognise the feeling before you pull the tub out of the freezer.
I would say don't beat yourself up emotionally over the ice cream, but I think that would be a little bit insensitive given the circumstances. You've eaten it - it's done. We don't have time machines so just forget about it and concentrate on today. If you've got an injury to heal your body will probably divert the ice cream calories to do than anyway.
Can I say chin up? Or am I back in insensitive comment zone again? *sorry*
You're doing great so far and you can carry on doing great. I'm sending you lots of hugs and anti hunger vibes x


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Hiya Nic.

ok, firstly. the ice cream. im sure at the time it was a comfort to you so it did indeed serve its purpose. dont fret about it.
The important thing now is where you go from here.
you could dwell on the fact you feel like you failed ( which you didnt ) and spend the forseeable future going through that familiar cycle of eating to comfort you emotions then feeling guilty, then eating to comfort your emotions etc etc ( been there oh so often) OR
you can accept the fact that you have been through hell recently and in fact most of us would have turned for comfort, many would turn to food. You are a human being and us humans are sensitive creatures.
Now is the time to move on from this experience. leave it in the past where it now belongs. forgive yourself for the ice cream.... ultimately you deserved whatever made you temporarily feel better.
get back on track from this point, right now.
You are a very strong woman.
you are more than able to move on from this.
come on girl!.
Now is the time to prove it to yourself.
They can knock us down but the only time they win is when we fail to stand back up.
hey sorry for lack of response to this - I tried to stay out and about to get back on track. Thankfully I have managed to put my ben & jerrys slip behind me and been back to 100% since.

Mrs H to be - thanks for the tip - I actually did go for a long walk the next day - not only good for exercises but thinking time as well!!

Becky - thanks so much for your reply - I know I am emotional at the min but that started tears off because just think people who have never met me are being so kind to me is so nice!!

Lilac - your reply made me laugh so much - I love that kind of humour haha - like you said though we don't have time machines so got to move on (wouldn't it be great if we did!!)

Cheryl - everything you say is so true!! It did comfort me and one thought over couple of days was taht if I was a size 10 and same had happened and id had a tub of icecream then it would have been acceptable (how many times do people do that) - its just because I am doing this that it made me feel so bad. Thankfully I have not gone back to that cycle and am back on the diet!

Seriously thanks for the encouraging words!! x


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So glad to hear you are back on track! Good luck for the week ahead - hope the pain is starting to settle now x
Glad your back on track hun, I'm going to be putting some of my own advice into action today as iv eaten for the last couple of days and drank wine so ill be on my 30 day shred dvd when I get back from my CDC tonight x

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