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Total Food Replacement v WW


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Hi all

I started on Lipotrim (food replacement) last week and while I find it very easy to do when i'm at home I'm really struggling if i'm out at all from the social aspect of joining in when meeting friends for lunch etc. I originally thought of Lipotrim as I thought it would help me identify my "triggers" and learn to do stuff without food (e.g. watch telly in the evening).

As a result I'm thinking of switching to WW; I did try it over the years online (as work wasn't compatible to a group meeting) but am now thinking of joining a local group. Ive just joined a local gym and am beginning to think WW and exercise might be a much more sensible longterm way to lose weight. I've about 3 stone to lose in all.

Has anyone else tried the food replacement diets and are now on WW instead? If so how do you find WW better?
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I did cambridge for a while and lost a couple of stone, you are right it is fairly easy to do at home but it is really difficult to have any kind of social life.

After I stopped doing CD (had to becuase of a medical condition) I just went right back to old habbits.

So now doing WW and finding it much easier, although I am just starting out, it certainly seems to be a more sensible way to do it and does mean you can go out and hopefully will be better in the long run!!!


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S: 20st0lb C: 16st7lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 3st7lb(17.5%)
Cheers Mhairi.

I've just moved back to Ireland after 15 years in the UK and am trying to reconnect with old friends; finding i'm dodging them as i don't want to have to explain why i can't come for sunday lunch etc which I don't want to do. Hopefully with WW i can have best of both worlds.

My local meeting is on Tuesdays and so i've missed this week and am travelling for work next week but have found a group in the next town that meets Thursday at 9:00am so plan to just bite the bullet and go to that tomorrow morning so i'm not "delaying" for 2 weeks.

Good luck with yours; i'll keep an eye out for your posts regarding your WIs


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S: 12st6lb C: 12st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st2lb(1.15%)
thanks, you should totally go tomorrow.

You can always change to your local class when you are ready!!!

if you need any thing just shout, good luck!


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I have done Lipotrim and Cambridge diets in the past few months, and like you found it ok at home but not very practical when out and about, especially when your MIL is an avid entertainer...:D
I switched from Slimming World - massive portions - not good for me, to WW on Monday and am really enjoying it.
I would recommend that you get a Points calculator at your first meeting - lifesaver !!
Hope this helps you make your decision


mrs r-b

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Hi Goreygirl. I have done Cambridge since end January and lost 2 stone in total (with 2 weeks off due to holiday abroad.) I have just switched to WW this week so its too early to tell how its going, but I'll keep you updated? It'd be good to have links with someone who is going through the same thing! x


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Hiya I was trying to do Lipotrim with you and Ive decided today to move back to WW Ive originally lost 50lbs on WW before I moved over to Lipotrim and I totally get why you found it hard... I did.
Im hoping to come back to WW and carry on losing about 2lbs a week.... You'll lose 3 stone in no time and you'll eat and have fun in the mean time x


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hi goreygirl
l very sucessful on cambridge last year lost quite a lot of weight have moved to dubai since and slip into bad habits again and have managed to regain 31lbs but l have tried cambridge again and just cant get into zone finding myself avoiding social events because of eating .lm starting ww today so hopefully l will have the best of both worlds even though my weighloss will be slower l wont be avoiding events anymore best of luck :D:D

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