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Totally blown it

Sorry to start the day with such a downer post.

I've has such a good week, getting over my plateau, getting into size 12s, at weigh in last night was 11st 1lb, so very very nearly at my 'in the 10's' target for Christmas.

And what have I done? Bloody blown it.

I was making chocolate truffles last night (My dream is to quit being a vet an open a luxury confectioners) to give as Christmas pressies to my family. Before I realised what I'd done I was testing it, and even licked the bowl before i washed it up!!! :eek::eek::eek:

This morning I have the worst goddamn head ache ever, I feel like I went out on the lash last night. Undoubtedly I am out of ketosis so I have a tricky few days ahead of me.

And I think I know why it's all gone wrong. I'm actually pretty scared of seeing 10st something on the scales - I have literally never seen them say that before. Yes, I would be ecstatic, but my god it would be strange. especially as I still feel like a 12st something person.

So, here I am, holding my hands up. I am ponypony and I have self sabotaged.

(Note to self; care when eating chocolate & refined carbs in future, because this headache is baaaaad)
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I think you were meant to do that....as you've been allowed that moment of self-revelation. How fab that you've recognised the issue....now you can face it head-on and REALLY look forward to seeing that 10 :D

I'm waiting on that 9 at the moment and can't b****y wait :D BUT I'm taking 34 kids to Cologne tomorrow, for four days - and I'm going to have to be soooooo careful!?!
I wouldn't worry too much. I had a day off last week for my work Christmas party (which I tried very hard to get out of) and I still lost 3 pounds this week. It wasn't as good as other weeks but at least it was a loss.


Hair today - gone tomorra
Chin up - stumbles are sometimes meant to be to remind us that control needs to be around all the time


if you do have a planned stumble, you know what you need to do to recover and get back to the programme for a week or so (pleasure then known recuperation/correction)

I hadn't seen a 15 on the scales for over 25 years and peed about near the barrier then gave a gritted teeth push and its like breaking through a glass barrier that you can't see but know is there - once through, I shot down to 6lbs of a 14 being seen. Thats my next slightly tougher - perhaps georgian wired glass - barrier.

So push through and it'll settle and maybe even a 9 will be beckoning soon.

Go for it you self sabotager you LOL

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