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for the last three weeks ive stuck to this 100% and ive lost 1lb 1st 2 weeks sts then this week just a 1lb.why?
i do green days most of the time.was thinking of trying a few red days to jolt things around a bit but it gets so dissheartning when you dont see results dosent it.
i have my a and b choices and have about 6 sins a day.is there somthing im doing wrong
any ideas anyone because i feel really let down and i really want to loose weight
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There's nothing wrong with "just a pound".
How much do you have to lose?
Do you keep a food diary?

Honestly though, a pound is just fine. My consultant always says that if everyone in group lost a pound a week she'd be over the moon!


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'Just 1lb' is a lot! I would love to be able to loose 1lb a week mate.

I know i would rather loose that in a week rather than put it on! Dont be disheartened hun. maybe try mixing it up a bit and dont just stick to green.
yes, i do write all my food down so i can keep track of what im eating. but isnt a 1lb in 3 weeks a bit rubbish.i do feel really dissapionted though.i want to loose about a stone . im quite an active person too what elase can i do ?


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From what you have said it is 2lb in 4 weeks. Okay, it's not the best loss in the world BUT you don't have much to lose.
All I can suggest is try to eat speed and superspeed foods (look for the S and SS in your book), snack only on superfree foods (fruit and veg) and keep going.
Don't give up!


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Yup, that is one pound of fat hun. That is what you loose when you 'only' loose a lb a week. Keep up the good hard work mate :) Dont be down about it xx


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Hi, I have had the same frustrations as you over the past few weeks! Really really sticking to it 100% and being active in work and outside of work!! I've got lots more to lose though- It may just be coming off slowly for you because you simply don't have much to lose!! Believe me, it will happen for you! Remember you didn't put it on overnight- it probably crept up on you over a few months, or even a couple of years, so it will take time to get it off again (unless you're taking drastic action in which case that's not healthy and you're likely to pile it on when it's 'over'!) Also remember that you're making changes for good with Slimming World and if you live by this principle your body will eventually settle at a weight its happy with and you'll continue to keep it off!X Good luck- I know it can be blinkin frustrating because you're working hard to make these changes and sacrificing things you love and you want to see results! X ps- remember to still have those things you love, just not in excess!X


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do you think i should juggle my days around a bit like have a green then red then do a extra easy keep my body guessing?

I'm not really a fan of this but I know it works for some. I think the only way to "keep your body guessing" is to vary what you eat. You can do this following any plan. Vary your meals and you'll be fine.

Some people have a red week, lose 3lb and then blame the other weeks for not losing so only stick to red (or green or EE) - it could be that you just had a good week regardless of the plan you followed.

Are your food diaries on here? Has your consultant had a look?
no i havent got my food diaries on here but always keep a note of them at home . also im doing this on my own as i dont go to a group .i find people on here to be so helpfull and supportive .


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I recommend you publish your food diaries online, so we can all cast our beady eyes over it and check it. I have had weeks where I had followed it 100% but in fact when others had checked it over it turned out I hadn't as I had misunderstood a few things.

I would also ask if you are eating enough? I have done nothing but green days since I joined SW in September and have found that the more I eat the more I lose.

And finally, I know it seems slow, but the fact it you HAVE LOST two pounds, try to see the positives :)

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i believe some poeples bodies loose weight better with reds or greens, link between blood type and days u prefer...i never lost weight doing greens, not to say you cant be when i switched to reds i went from loosing0.5lbs a week to 4 the next week.

my advice move to EE or red as your obviously not happy with green
i do love green days im not a great meat eater anyway but am tempted to do ee.my sister is doing slimming world and she says that you have to eat plenty..the right foods obviously...and its the only diet that you need to eat plenty to feel satisfied,so maybe im not eating enough.
will post diaries on here so someone can take a look for me.is it best totry and bulk everymeal time out with veg/salad and try to pick on fruit all day?


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Try to have at least a third fruit and veg with each meal and only snack on fruit or veg rather than other free foods. This is what I do anyway.
Will have a look through your diaries when you post them.


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I totally agree with the earlier question - are you eating enough? I have learnt that I tend to loose more on weeks that I eat more!! Especially if I have done a lot of exercise.

And remember a loss is a loss and you are more likely to keep it off if you loose it slowly (and if you don't have masses to loose it tends to be slower anyway!)


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I know how you feel, I lost 1lb last week after following the plan 100%. However, I lost 2 ½ stone with SW 2 years ago. I needed to lose another stone really to get to my ideal weight, but I gave up because I was losing only 1lb a week. It was a really stupid mistake, because 2 years later it was all back on again!! I have learned my lesson. Losing anything, or sts is better than putting it on! Think long term..