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Totally depressed - need cheering up


Sorry you are feeling down ~ maybe your mate just isn't worth it ~ you deserve better mates!

Anything nice you can do for yourself? Apart from food:17729: or drink :beer8:!

Thinking of you

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Thank you Judith.... I think your probably right he isn't worth and doesn't deserve me after all I wouldn't be feeling like this if he did and well he clearly doesn't care because he hasn't and won't contact me..... We used to be inseparable which makes it a great shame but hey life goes on...... Feeling better since making this three and manage to stay away from the food ...

Thank you for your kind words xxx

He just isn't worth it. Its natural to feel sad when a friendship/relationship falls apart.... in your heart you might know in your knower that there is someone else better for you .... but thats no consolation right now.

Reminds me of an ex of mine. When we were going out they said we would always be friends whatever. Went out with them for over a year and knew them about 3 years before. Then out of nowhere we split and no friendship... no contact no nothing. I wondered what I did wrong but .... guess we just weren't suited. Pity I had to waste such a lot on them emotionally etc., but... I'm better off with PIckle :eek: (no.... not like THAT!)

Wish I had a clean joke I could share but most of my jokes are either poor/ weak or rude!

Keep your chin up my dear

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Think if we had of had a relationship it may have been easier but wen you shareyour deepest darkess with someone and that someone swears and promises they'll ne'er let you down like others have previously and you let your guard down an trust them.... And then out of no where you get told goodbye and it's best we don't talk anymore it's confusing and heart breaking

Still his loss ..... xx
Hiss loss....

How are you doing today? It might take some time to get to the point of acceptance ~ you need to greive this friendship and although gutty at times it is necessary for you to heal stronger.

I can't make out some blokes minds!

You will find close companionship again I am sure ~ anyone would be blessed to have you as a true friend.

JUdith & Pickle the wonder dog
Well he totally confused me.... We were great mates as he called it 1 min an then 30 secs later he asked me to delete his number and goodbye ..... Totally miffed and I thought being 33 he may have been a bit more grown up then that - clearly not!! Lol anyway done now I don't care to imagine what he may be thinking it's done now x
I think I filled the void that was missing when he split with his ex.... Txing me all day everyday plus 3/4 phone calls and then I believed we were mates and the second he found himself a new girlfriend he shut me down..... Shallow is too mild really but anyway his loss I'm over it ..... He made me waste a whole day feeling sad about it bcoz I thought we were mates but we weren't and so I'm not wasting my time anymore xx


I'm on a mission!!!
Poor you. Men are strange creatures. I hope you are feeling better!! x
I think your right..... He questioned me about some guy and yet his last text he made it pretty clear he wasn't interested in me in anyway not even mates..... So why questioning me about another bloke??? Freak waste of waste xx
Maybe he was drunk? Or had a fall out with his girlfriend?

I know its easier said than done but maybe it would be better to just delete the text:)

Better to be baffled than hurt some more...

Thinking of you

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Na I think he genuinely didn't believe me when I said that I wasn't seeing some fella and so he got stroppy ad said goodbye.....

Anyway..... No matter what happens too much has changed between us and I've gotten over the need to talk to him eery day or see him... Ive grown use to feeling the lack of care that was once there... Lol his loss xxx

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