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Totally Disgusted with Hospital Resturant!

Today Mum had a hospital appointment and we went early to get parked and so we could have a bite to eat in the proper hospital restaurant rather than the little tea-shop Cafe.

I have to say that I was totally and utterly disgusted at the lack of "healthy" food on offer.

I saw that they had new potatoes and veg and i was like "YES I can have a SW friendly dinner"
And then I looked at the main courses.
1. Chicken Pasty
2. Beef Stew and Dumplings
3. Cheese and Broccoli pasta Bake
4. Chilli con carne
5. Jacket potato stuffed with Cheese and Bacon.

I wanted to stomp my feet and throw a complete and utter paddy regarding the lack of healthy food choices.

Plus im borderline lactose intolerant so I cant have cheese (or at lot of and i can only eat certain types) and even gravy granuals have lactose in them!

Goodness me, I was annoyed that I couldnt eat "real" food when I was out. And normally I would have said sod it and just eaten the broccili pasta bake but NO. I WI tomorrow and i WANT to be under that next stone bracket and I WANT to have lost my 2lbs and get my 3rd sticky award for my 1stone 7lbs.

But Goodness! I ended up having a SLICE of evil white bread, which I could syn with no butter.

Stupid hospital food!
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Could you have had the beef stew without the dumplings? Or the jacket potato without the cheese? Chilli con carne wouldn't have been too bad.

Hospital catering has to make a profit, unfortunately, so they have to offer what sells.
The Jackets were cooked with Cheese, almost like a stuffed potato skin.
Beef Stew i could have possibly had SW friendly, BUT depends what the gravy is made with whether or not I could.
And I dont like Chilli LOL x


Just doing it this time
I worked at the local hospital in the catering offices and the menus I used to ahve to type up - for the patients was just as bad - it's RUBBISH food.
*giggles* x

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