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Totally fed up

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Well day 6 have to say has been a really bad grumpy day for me. I have felt fed up and tired all day. Had my first shake late about 11.30. Then been out on and off all day. Forgot lunch time shake and was probably at 99% towards breaking the diet. I was going have a take away and some wine after I had made jack pots and cheese for Kids - and my daughter does not like the skin - so I nibbled a bit of it about 2 mouthfuls - then something in my head said don't do it - and now here i am only had one shake today. Upset I succumbed to potato skin albeit not alot. In one way I feel I have failed but in another maybe I have not. Help. X
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You're having your first shake too late i think. You have to make sure that you have all 3 otherwise you will not be getting enough nutrients hun.
If you are finding it hard to stop and make the shakes, get some of the flapjacks and then you can just open one and nibble it wherever you are. You might find it helps if you eat one while the kids are eating their tea as then you will also be eating and probably won't want their stuff.
Don't give up, we all have bad days. :sigh:
I'm day 6 today too and I've found it the hardest so far :( really wanting to munch something just for the action of chewing! But I think those potato skins won't have done any harm for you. The major benefit if ketosis is not feeling so hungry etc so it might just mean the next couple of days are a bit hungrier until it kicks back in but focus on your amazing resolve that it didn't turn into a blowout. Well done you!! Keep at it and when you get weighed you will see what all the effort is for! You can do it! Big pat on the back for doing so well.

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The first week is so hard, hun, but at least you didn't succumb to a full-blown binge - just a little nibble! Mind you, you MUST have your other two shakes tonight or the diet won't work properly!
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hi missfatpants

ok damage done - get up and keep going.. no ones perfect (if we all were we wouldnt be here for starters)

you have done very well.. you will still have a weightloss and if you can get to day 6 you can keep going..

sending courage and a hug your way!!


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The weekend was always going to be the hardest hun especially seen as we both like a drink. I've declined a night at my friends tonight (we usually drink at least a bottle of wine each) and going round town with my friends tomorrow (copious amounts of vodka and a kebab.) I'm sat on my own, baby in bed, hubby on a tractor somewhere and just come dine with me and a glass of water for company. It's awful but we're going to do this...we will be yummy mummys x
S: 15st8lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
ThAnks so much for all your kind and so sensible words. It's thanks to you that I have got so far and I feel so much better after reading your replies. What a lovely bunch of people you are. I can't tell u how much I appreciate it. Tomorrow is going to be tough also but I think going through tonight has made me stronger to cope with it and plus I have all you wonderful people keep me on straight and narrow

Thank you xxxxxxxxxx

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