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Totally gone off track :-( HELP

Hi Lianna, i have been the same, i feel so bad! Started off the day well yesterday but then we went out for a meal in the afternoon and i had a carvery with roast potatoes and stuffing and gravy!! And then my OH had opened a box of lindor chocs which are so addictive and i had 3 of those!! Which are 4 syns each!!!! I know it's really bad but once ive gone over my syns i just think well ive done it now and start synning more! Oh no!! Im trying to get back on track today, its hard though ive already had 7 syns today!! I made a lovely cake and even though its low syns it's not when you keep going back for another bit lol!
Just got to try not to have anymore!! Wishing you luck for getting back on track too! :D
You are human, so dont beat yourself up.

Draw a line under it and start again now. Remember your goal and why you are doing this. Take each hour at a time. You have been really successful so far so you know you can do this.

Unfortunately the only real advice is grit your teeth and dig deep.

Good Luck xxxx
Get back on plan NOW, don't wait until tomorrow. You know you can do it so stop eating the wrong things straight away.
You can't change what's gone but you have control over the next thing you eat. Good luck - it's not easy I know xx


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Thank you everyone, ive got this thing in my head that once ive been weighed tonight and know where i stand i will get back on track tommorow, and i cant stop eating junk until then,, its so hard!!! :-(


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I will do it today, i will give the custerd tart on my desk to someone else :) i really wana get that stone award before xmas x
Think Kristin covered it all hun! xxx


I will succeed!!!
I agree - Kristin hit nail on the head!

It can be hard, we ALL know that and appreciate how hard it can be. But, if you don't get it sorted soon it'll get harder. I ask myself this: is it really worth it? Is that treat going to taste good enough to outweigh the awful feeling you get when the scales go up and not down? Will I be gutted if I gain as a result?

You know you can beat this hun - keep happy xxx
I am the same, I had pizza on Friday night, a curry on sat night and chocolate at the cinema yesterday :( I feel so much better when I stick to plan I don't know why I give in to this food - I enjoy it at the time (I'm not going to lie!) but I hate the way that it makes me feel in the hours and days afterwards.

I have a new notebook today, writing down EVERYTHING that I eat and not adding it up in my head. I have to get back on track and not mess up the hard work so far, as Kristin said above it can so easily lead to a bad week, bad month etc. I'm not going to go into starvation mode to try and 'make up for it' by eating as little as possible like I used to, as it doesn't work and just makes me want to binge even more!

100% day so far today, if I can do it - you can too. Lets think of christmas party dresses!!

Sorry, I didn't mean to make my post 'all about me' when this is about how you feel - I just wanted to show that I know exactly how you feel.

Keep stong, get some new recipes for motivation - together we can do this!!

Thank you,, i dont mind it being about you too, at least im on this boat on my own, gonna print out some food diaries and get back on it as soon as i have been weighed tonight and do some serious excersise!!! xxx
gosh i was just gonna write to have a moan i had a bad week last week .,where shall i start..sausage roll 2 bags of crisps,1/2 bottle white chocolate liquer.indian take away,chinese meal deal omg OMG.i need to loose this half a stone 2 b4 xmas.i want that sequin dress 4 my xmas party.everyone on this has given great advise.i was gonna eat less today to make up for what i had last week but like someone said draw a line under it and start fresh another 100% day for me too so far......
keep going and is is great when you jump on the scales and have a good loss...good luck to you all xxx
Thank you, i will post later what i have done this week when i have been weighed then correct myself this week and so on!! x
Good luck Huni..just remember to limit any more damage now and face those scales!!
With the run up to Christmas at the moment the wrong kind of food is more readily available...you just have to say NO! Lol...I know its easier said than done, but one thing I do is think about the time that I have been "naughty" and how I felt afterwards...guilty, sick, fat etc and that puts me off doing it!
Good luck with the exercising Hun.
I just hope the gain is no more than 3, and definatly hope its not gonna take me under my half stone award i will be really upset if it is x
Know how u feel! Had bad day today too! I do struggle with will power. Feel so crap after eatin something sooooooo nice! Back on track now though...thank goodness for this site! Really helps me!!
Welll,, i did it, got weighed and only put 3 on :) which i was hoping no more than 3,, back on track today tho x
Ohh yes, am doing extra easy this week,, so far ive had 2 toast a banana, an apple, muller light, carrot and corriander soup, now gonna have sw quice with beans a muller light and some fresh pineapple, yum yum!! x

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