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totally honesty.

Nothing wrong with that. Keep up the good work!

I'd have to say it's my primary motivation as well :D

I damaged my knee in July, STILL waiting for final diagnosis and treatment (though the GP told me yesterday that the hospital have said medial cruciate ligament and cartilage damage - I have Michael Owen knee :() - and losing the weight will definitely not do me any harm there!?!

BUT my main aim is to get back into the lovely slim size 8/10 clothes I was wearing when I met my husband, just under two years ago. I have no idea what I weighed then, as I deliberately wasn't getting on the scales - but I do know that I felt damned good about myself - and that's what I want back :D


please try again
good for you hun!

for me it is my health that takes presidence BUT only because i want to be around for my daughter
but i would be a liar if i said i wasnt hoping to also look good too
Thats also my only reason! I've never had any problems with my health so its wasn't really a factor. I've never been smaller than a 16 in my life (other than as a child and then only just!) so the thought of getting into a size 10 is sooooo tempting!

MM x


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Hi Lollygirl
honesty is the best policy and if you are honest with yourself then the journey can be a lot easier. My weightloss started out for my health but as I am shrinking I now strive for a thinner me so I can be more fashionable etc. Does this mean that with we become more fickle as we lose weight?
Good luck with your CD - :)


please try again
not fickle at all busy, who gets up in the morning hoping to look bad? everyone wants to look good be it clothes, hair, make up etc
I'm losing weight both for my health and to look good but to be honest it's the thought of size 12 clothes that keeps me going rather than my health :)


Unzipping the fat suit
My main motivation is so I can see my boys grow up and be more active with them, but the thought of wearing an outrageously expensive designer dress to Ladies Day at Ascot next year certainly spurs me on! My sister is treating a whole gang of us to the day out for her 40th birthday, and it will be the first time I've been out with her when I haven't been her "big" little sister!
Me too honey, everyone tells me "you're pretty the way you are"
I dont want to be pretty, i want to be slim. I've always said i dont really have a target weight, i'll stop when my belly goes but before my boobs go :D

Bugger BMI, means nothing to me. My utterly perfect OH has a BMI of 17.8 yet he has gorgeous muscles (not too big) and a little bit of fat ;)
I don't mind admitting to be being shallow it's looks that are driving me all the way!!!


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