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Totally new to CD

Hello everyone :)

I'm totally new to CD, had my first day yesterday. I was advised by my CDC to do the SS+ so at the moment i've decided to do the 4 plus milk option so that I can still have milk in coffee/tea.
First day yesterday was certainly difficult to say the least. Wanted to chew my arm off by teatime and was really struggling to get the water down my neck.
Today, day 2, is going ok so far, slept in till 11 as on a day off.
When does it start to get easier? I have my first wi after 10 days on it so i'm really hoping this will spur me on. :rolleyes:
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Well done, I'm doing ss+ with the milk option too and it is great. I have porridge for breakfast, soup of lunch & tea and shake made into mousse or choc bar for supper. For me it got easier from about day 5. Keep going your doing great. xx
Thanks for letting me know your experience, it really helps to know how others do. I'm hoping i'll stop feeling hungry soon as at the moment I just feel hungry and have made a new friend in the toilet due to all the water! At the moment i'm having 3 shakes, 1 soup and milk in tea and coffee with a sweetener. I'm getting 2l of water down my neck as with the coffee/tea it makes it up to at least 2.5l. :sigh:
hello and welcome, i started the cd on Friday on just ss, i personally am feeling ok with it, first day was a bit hungry but just drank more water, and havent had any dreadful side effects, and was in ketosis by Sunday! It will get easier, just stick with it x
I'm not feeling as hungry today I don't think.. Need to try to drink more water, guess it's getting back into the habit of it. I used to do work abroad in the desert and had to have loads of water then so I think it's just getting my head back into it. I'm really missing the physical aspects of food at the moment, being able to chew something. My CTC said to do the 3 plus 200kcal meal as well but i'm slightly reluctant to do this option at first, want to get into ketosis first. Thank you for your reply, good to hear from anyone but especially new starters to learn of others experiences.


Mad as a Hatter
I'm new to all this as well, just been for my first pack today, so starting tomorrow. I don't like milk at all so have just gone for the 3 shakes a day for the time being.
Have done a VLCD before so am used to not eating, but I must admit the range of products on CD are fantastic.. with my last one, there were only 4 flavours and 2 of them were rank.
Here's to a good WI next Monday..
My CDC was pretty against the pure SS option and your doctor has to be told etc. She said you can still maintain a really fast pace with the SS+ programme so I took her advice and went for that one. I'm using the milk in tea and coffee although having skimmed is taking a little getting used to though much better than taking it black.
I'm pretty proud of myself at the moment as i've just been round the supermarket and not bought a single food thing I shouldn't! Major achievement I think especially as I went before the teatime shake. Hurray! These small goals all add up for me to make the bigger ones so fairly chuffed with myself :)

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